Fearless Endurance Base 2 Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:25

Purpose: Build Speed Skills and Base Endurance for triathletes racing any distance.
Duration: 4 weeks. Builds from 8 to 10 hours per week. Swim progresses to 30 min. Bike progresses from 2 hour 2 to 3. Run builds from 1 hour to 2. Final week is recovery week.
Focus: Speed Skills, Endurance.
Description: 3 workouts of each discipline per week. 6 days per week with Monday off. Weekend Swim on Saturday and Sunday in pool or open water. Bike rides Saturday and Sunday. One trainer ride midweek. Walk Breaks on runs exceeding 30 minutes.

Sample Day 1
Force Reps x 4 and Spin-ups x 4

Ride for 10 min easy, then shift to a harder gear and spin up to the maximum rpm you can hold without bouncing on your seat. Hold it for 15-30 sec then return to easy riding for 2 minutes. Repeat as indicated. Next you will do the indicated number of Force Reps which are max output intervals up a gradual hill like an underpass. If you are on a trainer you can simulate this by shifting to a harder gear. Be very careful with these and stop if your knees begin to feel funky. With a rolling start, shift into a harder gear and pedal with maximum force on the pedals for 6-8 seconds. RECOVER A FULL 2 MINUTES before repeating. Finish with easy riding until time is up

Sample Day 2
10 Force Reps alternate flat and short hill (8 steps)-strides at end

Warm-up for a few minutes with easy running. You will go up a short hill (moderate to steep, soft surface is best). You will do the indicated number of steps accelerating-take short steps- and then walk back down the hill and take a total of 2 full minutes of rest after each climb, then accelerate the same number of steps on flat. After 2 in recovery go back to the hills Do a total of 5 on the hill and 5 on the flat. Finish with easy running on flat ground, without walk breaks, until time is up. Cool down with a few strides.

Sample Day 3
Tempo Trainer Ladder Pool

You are going to do a progression of 50's, at different tempos. Although your Garmin will record stroke count, you should still count strokes (beeps) as you are swimming.
You are looking for the tempo that gives you the lowest stroke count-(each hand entry is a stroke.

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes before you begin.
Swim the first 50 yds with Tempo trainer (TT) set at 1:40 taking one stroke per beep. Rest for 30 seconds then swim another 50 with it set at 1:35.continue doing 50's with the settings on the TT getting progressively faster by :05 until you reach 1:00 tempo, then go back the other direction, 1:05, 1:10, 1:15, etc. until time is up. At what tempo did you swim the fastest? At what tempo did you have the lowest # of strokes? REMEMBER THESE 2 TEMPOS, you will use them next week.

Sample Day 4
30 min run at EZ or M pace, Stride cool down

Run for 30 min at your "EZ or M" pace ( Calculated from a 1 mile Time Trial using Jack Daniel's formula) without walk breaks. Do 5 strides at the end.

Sample Day 5
30 min continuous easy pace

Use any 2 focus points. Stop only if you need to for a short duration.

Sample Day 5
Zone 2 ride - 200 + calories per hour-every 20 min

Ride easy for 10 min holding 85-100 RPM in an easy gear. Then bring HR up into zone 2 and keep it there is much as possible. If you encounter hills shift to an easier gear and allow HR/PWR to go no higher than zone 3 if possible. Don't forget to fuel every 20 min or so to total 200-300 calories per hour.

Sample Day 6
Run at EZ or M pace using 2:00 min run to 30 sec walk breaks

Run at an EZ or M pace using 2:00 run to 30 second walk. Remember to go by your average pace rather than fretting about how fast the run vs walk segments are. Look at your splits at each mile and speed up the slow the run segments as needed to hit your target.

Ingrid Miller
Fearless Endurance

Technique-based coaching for those new to the 70.3/140.6 distance and also those concerned about time limits. Custom training based on current fitness and skill levels, using the equipment you have. Heart Rate monitor recommended but not required. Power meter a plus. Exceptionally detailed and Quick response time to athlete emails and messages.Technical expertise in freestyle technique, Open Water Swimming, Cycling skills. Wrote 4 books on Triathlon published by Meyer & Meyer Sport.