8 week Base Swim for Triathletes


Frank Senders

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Swim, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

0:55 hrs

Plan Specs

swimming beginner intermediate advanced pace based base period

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This 8 week Base Swim Training Plan for Triathletes is for the beginner to the more advanced Triathlete. It consits of 32 unique sessions that can be used as a traininmg plan or seperatley to incorporate in your own Tri-schedule.

Required: This plan is intended for athletes who have a goal to swim 3km per session. There is no minimum requirement level of fitness. This is not a learn to swim program although there are plenty of drills in most sessions.

Equipment required: pull bouy, zoomers, paddles and a kickBoard


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:03
Average Weekly Breakdown

Frank Senders


Over the past 30 years, I have coached athletes and teams to multiple National, European, World and even Olympic Championship titles. This in a variaty of disciplines like Triathlon, Marathon, Trail Running, Road, MTB and Cyclocross. I have worked with all levels of individual racers from novice to professional.
So if you need a coach to inspire you and to achieve your goals! Get in contact with me. Kind regards, Coach Frank

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Sample Day 1

SFT 001: Swim Field Test

Swim Field Test
Warm up 200m real easy - real slow
150m with drill/choose your own drills
Rest for 3 minutes - Hydrate
2 times 25m semi sprint R=20"
2 times 25m sprint R=20"
Rest for 3 minutes - Hydrate
400m TT record your time for this 400m
Rest for 3 minutes - Hydrate
200m TT record your time for this 200m
Rest for 3 minutes - Hydrate
Cool down 400 to 600 easy swimming

Sample Day 3

STS 001:

Swim Technique Session
Warm up - Easy warm up - 200m easy
Technique Set:
4 times: 50 freestyle easy + 25m breastroke + 25m backstroke R=20"
Drills (see attachement for explanation): perform 2 sets:
25m Fingertip Drag
25m Thigh Tap
25m 6-1-6
25m zipper Drills
100m kick with zoomers

Main Set:
250 m/y Alternate 25m Tempo 25 Easy - after each 50m R=20"
200m at 80% R=20"
200m at 85% R=20"
200m at 90% R=20"

Cool Down - easy

Sample Day 4

SDA 001

Warm up + Drills
100 easy-50 kick-100 drill-50 kick-100 drill R20"

Main Set:
400m 75/80% R=20"
50 kick R=30"
350m 80/85% R=20"
50 kick R=30"
300m 85/90% R=20"
50 kick R=30"
250m 90% R=20"
50 kick R=30"
200m 95% R=20"

Cool down 200m/y easy - long strokes

Sample Day 6

SEA 013

Warm up easy 300m/y
100 arms only + pull buoy R=20"
100 arms only Paddles R=20"
100 legs only + kick Board R=20"
100 legs only + zoomers R=20"

Main Set:
4 times 350 endurance pace + 50 hard/tempo R=30"

Cool Down 300 easy

Sample Day 7

The 15 Minute Swimmer's Workout


Sample Day 8

STS 002: Paddles/fins

Warm Up 300m easy
50 catch up-50 zipper drill-50 finger drag R=20"
3 * 100 (as 25 kick-25 R arm-25 L arm- 25 tempo) R=20"
2 times 25 as 6-3-6 + 25 as easy long strokes + 25 6-1-6 + 25 tempo swim R=20"
4 * 50 alternating 50 paddles + 50 zoomers R=1'

Main Set:
5 times 200 (as 150 endurance pace + 50 max speed) R=30"

Cool down 300m easy

Sample Day 10

SDA 003

Warm up 300 swim - easy
Technique set:
50 Pull + 50 kick R=15"
25 cath up stroke + 25 finger drag + 50 tempo swim R=20"
50 Pull + 50 kick R=15"
25 6-3-6 + 25 easy + 25 6-6 + 25 fast R=20"
50 Pull + 50 kick R=15"

Main Set:
6 times 100 (75 easy + 25 fast) R=30"
8 times 100 (50 easy + 50 fast) R=30"

Cool Down 300 easy

8 week Base Swim for Triathletes

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