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50 Mile MTB Race 12 Week Base Plan



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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling mountain biking beginner intermediate power based hr based tss based base period

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Plan Description

This plan is designed for people who want to compete in a 50 mile MTB race. The base plan is designed to create a strong aerobic fitness that will prepare you for our 12 week 50 Mile MTB Race Build plan. Please view our training plans to help you decide which plan is best for you.

Start this plan 24 weeks before your goal race, then follow the 12 week 50 Mile MTB Race Build plan for optimal race readiness. Rest days are on Monday and Friday and rest weeks every four weeks. Designed to start on a Monday with shorter workouts on weekdays and longer workouts on weekends.

Workouts are written to use a power meter, a HR monitor or rate of perceived exertion, but using a power meter AND a HR monitor is best for accurate monitoring of progress. The plan includes structured workouts compatible with your smart trainer and device to guide you through workouts in real time.

For people just getting started with training, coming off a long break or off the couch start with our 6 Week Conditioning/Adaptation Training Plan for a total of 30 weeks of training when you stack our Conditioning plan with our Base and Build plans

Visit the MTBCoach 50 Mile MTB Race Training Plans page for more details


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:07 hrs 3:00 hrs
0:56 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:09 hrs 0:10 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:07 hrs 3:00 hrs
0:56 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:09 hrs 0:10 hrs

Training Load By Week



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Sample Day 1


See Core workout on my website.

Sample Day 1

LTHR Field Test

Follow the test at

Sample Day 2

Easy Ride

Can be done on a trainer or Road/MTB.
Spin easy L1 to 2 or Z1 to 2, RPE 1
Keep pressure light on the pedals and stay away from hills or go easy on the hills. cadence should be 90+ RPMs.
A good gage to know you are going easy enough is to breath out of your nose only. If you need to breathe from your mouth you are going to hard.

Sample Day 3


See Core workout on my website.

Sample Day 3

Steady State Intervals - 20 min

Can be done on a trainer or outdoors on MTB, Road or Gravel bike.

warm up for 10 minutes with an easy spin in L1 or Z1. Then ride 12 minutes at a constant pace in L3 or Z2-3, cadence should be between 80 and 90 RPM. Rest for 5 minutes with cadence of 85-90 RPM, Z1 or L1, then repeat for a total of 4 intervals

If you are riding outside using a rolling course can achieve the same effect of this session, just not timed the same as intervals. Push harder within L3 - Z2 zone on the climbs and recover on the descents.

Sample Day 4

Force Reps

On flat road or on a trainer. Use the big chainring and a gear that allows only around 60 rpm. While in the saddle drive the pedals down as hard as possible for 15-20 revolutions of the cranks. Do 8 of these starting a new one every 4 minutes after warming up. Heart rate or is not important.
After the force reps continue at Z2, L2 for the remainder of time you have.

Sample Day 5


See Core workout on my website.

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