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TrainingPeaks and SuuntoPlus Bring You Real-Time Training Metrics

TrainingPeaks metrics are now available to use in real-time on Suunto 9 and 5 watches.

TrainingPeaks metrics are now available to use in real-time on Suunto 9 and 5 watches.

With Suunto’s latest feature addition, SuuntoPlus, athletes using Suunto 9 and 5 watches can view their favorite metrics during their workout so they never have to wonder whether they’re executing it right.

Runners can leverage three powerful TrainingPeaks metrics to enhance their training within the SuuntoPlus screen. Normalized Graded Pace (NGP) calculates an equivalent pace on flat ground when a runner is climbing uphill, which allows them to keep a more even pace. Running Training Stress Score (rTSS) uses intensity and duration to approximate the physiological stress of your runs with a simple rTSS value, so you can track your training load. Intensity factor (IF) serves up a simple metric for how hard you’re training.  Taken together, it’s never been easier for a runner to pace themselves and train the right amount to run faster than they ever have.

Cyclists also benefit from seeing their TrainingPeaks metrics in real-time. Riding is rarely a steady-state effort, so Suunto added the TrainingPeaks Normalized Power (NP) metric which calculates the power of your workout as if your effort was continuous, giving you a better approximation of the physiological cost. Like the running, Training Stress Score (TSS) and Intensity Factor (IF) are also available to view during your ride, so you have a better sense of how much training stress you’re accruing and how hard you’re training.  Please note that you’ll need a power meter for your Suunto 9 or 5 watch to display these TrainingPeaks metrics while you’re training.

If you’re not a cyclist or a runner, TrainingPeaks metrics can still help you improve.  If you’re recording your training and using a heart rate monitor, you have enough data channels for Suunto to calculate a heart rate Training Stress Score (HrTSS), which allows you to monitor the physiological stress of the workout and monitor your overall training load.

Outdoors or indoors, SuuntoPlus with TrainingPeaks will make you a better athlete.

These new TrainingPeaks features are available on all Suunto 5 and Suunto 9 watches. Just look for SuuntoPlus in the sport mode settings. Don’t have a Suunto 5 or 9? All Suunto watches can connect to your TrainingPeaks account, so you can record workouts and track your fitness. 

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