Bike - FTP boost

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:50
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:50
Training Load By Week

This is a bike-intensive block designed to boost your FTP (functional threshold power). It is designed for athletes who have a power meter. FTP is a critical component for improving your cycling capability, whether your events are time trials, triathlons of all distances, road racing, crits or century rides.

Sample Day 1
FTP test

Before starting this plan, do an FTP test. While your exact protocol preference doesn't matter too much, make sure that the test is repeatable and consistent. If you are going to do most of your training indoors, do the FTP test indoors. If you're going to do most of your training outdoors, do your FTP test outdoors. If doing it outdoors, choose a relatively flat piece of road with no traffic lights or stop signs - you need to be able to ride without interruption.

20 minutes easy warm up
3 x 1-minute pick ups with a minute rest between (100 RPM pedal cadence)
5 minutes easy
5 minutes all out (hard at first, but make sure you can complete the 5 mins)
10 minutes easy
20-minute time trial effort (it's better to start a bit easier than you think you should and build into it, than to blow up before the end)
10 to 15 minute cool down

Sample Day 2
bike workout 1: 14x60 @ 120%

warm up" 10 mins easy, with a few 20 second pickups to 110% FTP

main set:
7 x 60 sec @ 120% FTP, 60 sec easy.
5 min easy
7 x 60 sec @ 120% FTP, 60 sec easy.

This should feel hard. Let's use this workout to feel out if this is too easy or too hard. When I do this, half way feels like a relief. I'm not sure if I will be able to complete the 2nd set but somehow I make it.

Once you're done, cool down with easy riding fuel really well after this workout. take in at least 100g-200g carb @ max of 50g per hour. Oatmeal, sweet potato or other starchy food will be ideal. Restocking your glycogen stores will be important to fuel your upcoming workouts

Sample Day 2
afternoon - 2nd bike workout

do this 2nd workout in the afternoon/evening.

10 min easy warm up
10 min @ 65% FTP, 5 min easy

4 x 4 min @ 95% FTP, 1 min easy
10 min @ 65% FTP, 5 min easy

10 min sweet spot (90-95% FTP but don't go over 100%)
10 min @ 65% FTP, 5 min easy

Sample Day 3
30-45 min easy spin

easy recovery ride. Keep the effort light and do several minuted of high rpm riding (above 90 rpm) to flush out the legs

Sample Day 4
sweet spot reps

warm up: 10 min easy then 5 x 30 sec @ 120% FTP, 30 sec easy.
5 min @ 65% FTP

main set:
- 2 x 20 min sweet spot (around 90-95% FTP), 2 min easy.
- 10 x 1 min @ 100% FTP with 30 sec easy

cool down with easy spin

Sample Day 5
16 x 60 @ 120%

warm up: 4 min easy, 2 min @ 65% FTP, 2 min @ 85%, 2 min @ 95%, 5 min easy

main set:
8 x 60 sec @ 120% FTP, 60 sec easy
5 min easy
8 x 60 sec @ 120% FTP, 60 sec easy

cool down: 5 min easy

Sample Day 6
tempo reps

10 min warm up then
6 x (10 min @ 75%-85% FTP, 2 min easy)

ride easy for 5 min then do
6 x (60 sec 120% FTP, 60 sec very easy)

ride easy to cool down

Rob Gray
Signal 101

I am a long distance triathlon coach, specializing in Ironman and Ultraman events. I have a specific KQ program for athletes that have Kona aspirations - in the past year I have had 100% success rate, with every athlete in the program qualifying for Kona. I also have programs focused on specific events such as Ironman Boulder, Ironman Arizona, Kona and Ironman Los Cabos.