Off-Season Winter Maintenance, 12 weeks, 1 workout per day M-F, 5-8 hrs/wk with Structured Workouts

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Off-Season Winter Maintenance, 12 weeks, 1 workout per day M-F, 5-8 hrs/wk with Structured Workouts


Mike Ricci, USA Triathlon Elite Coach

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 1 Custom, 1 Strength, 2 Swim, 3 Bike, 1 Other

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
2:00 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs


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Author: Mike Ricci
  • Founder, Head Coach D3 Multisport, Inc. 2000-Present
  • USA Triathlon Coach of the Year and 2017 USAT World Team Coach
  • USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach (1 of 19 in the US)
  • Coached the University of Colorado Triathlon team to 4 straight National Titles 2010-2013
  • Coached multiple National Champions, Kona Qualifiers, and 1st yr. triathletes
  • Coached the AG National Champion in 2015 and AG World Champion in 2016 (25-29 AG)

A solid training plan equals athlete success:"My race went well, smashed my goal of 5:45 with a 5:04. The plan was great and have recommended it to friends. I will purchase a plan for the full IM next year."
Eric D.

Starts: Anytime

Length: This 12 week program is a Winter Maintenance Plan that has 1 workout per day on Mon thru Fri. The weekends have multiple workouts. This plan averages 5-8 hrs per week and has a max week of 8 hours. Each week has 2-3 workouts per sport and 1 strength session per week.

Requirements: You should have good fitness over the past 3-4 weeks. Going into this plan you should be able to:
  • Swim at least 1,000 yards
  • Bike at least 1 hour
  • Run 40 minutes

You will build to:
  • 3,000m of swimming
  • 2.5 hours of cycling
  • 1:30 hours of running

Your off day is Monday, your long ride is Saturday and long run is on Sunday.

Our programs are designed for the age group triathlete who has a busy life with a full-time job, a family and/or other responsibilities. In this program, the longer workouts will be on the weekends, and the weekdays will consist of shorter workouts. There will be bike-run (or brick) workouts on most Saturdays. During the training plan, there is a testing week to assess your fitness so you can re-adjust your Heart Rate and Power Zones. If you don’t train with a HR or Power meter, that’s fine as the tests are still good training as you can measure improvement based on time and effort.

Our plans set YOU up for success. The main goal of this plan is to help you achieve your best race! Mike has been coaching for 25+ years and uses that collective experience to help each individual athlete be successful at any level. His passion for the sport and wisdom gained from coaching thousands of athletes goes into designing a plan. He has taken the guesswork out of training with this plan and looks forward to helping you too.

We leave no stone unturned in helping you reach your goals. Purchase of this plan includes:
  • A weekly training tip video in your plan
  • The opportunity to be a part of one of the top Ironman Club Teams in the World
  • D3 'Terminology', and 'Determining Heart Rate and Power Zones' documents
  • Access to premium content on our website and instructional videos in all 3 sports
  • Strength training and core workouts with accompanying videos
  • Inclusion in Team D3 and access to our private Facebook group to ask our USAT certified coaches questions
  • A chance to race in a really cool kit :-)

If you have questions email Coach Mike and learn how we get it done for our athletes:

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:37
Average Weekly Breakdown

Michael Ricci


The key to achieving your goal is having a plan! D3 Multisport founder and head coach Mike Ricci uses his collective 30+ years of coaching experience to help each individual athlete be successful - at any level. His passion for the sport and wisdom gained from coaching thousands of athletes all go into the design of his training plans. Let the D3 coaching team take the guesswork out of your training and guide you with pre-built training plans, customized plans, or 1-to-1 coaching.

Sample Day 1

AeT (Aerobic Threshold)- :20

Sample Day 2

MB Functional Phase One 1.1

Warm up includes: Foam roll, back, glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads and ITB.

Plyometrics: - Box jump 3x5, Standing hurdle hop 3x5 Left leg/Right leg

Medicine ball: - Standing Chest pass 3x10, Standing overhead slam 3x10

Hang Clean 3 x 8

Front Plank 2 x 20 Sec. w/two 10 Sec exhales

Trap Bar Deadlift 2 x 8

Chin Up 2 x 8 (with band)

Split Squat or Single Leg 8 each F/B/S 2x

Dumbbell Row 2 x 8

In-line Chop 2 x 8 per side

Sample Day 3

12x50, 12 x 25. 1800m

Sample Day 4

AeT (Aerobic Threshold)- :20

Sample Day 5

Trainer: Efficiency

WU: 10' - CD: 10'. These are with your shoes clipped in, and the idea is to focus on one leg at a time. 90” right leg, then 90" left leg. Next is: 45” right, 45" left, vice versa 2x. Next: 30” left, 30" right increase cadence each 5’’ to maximum. Next: 20” right, 20” left for 2’. 15” right, 15 “left for 1’, 10” right, 10” left, for 40”, 5”right, 5” left for 20”. 3–4 x 1’ at max cadence, RI 1’. 3–4 x 15” at max cadence to spinout, RI 45”

Sample Day 6


1-3 hour ride on a flat course. Keep HR in Zone 1-2.

Sample Day 6

Drills + Speed - FTD/Anchor/Fist - 1800m

Warm up of 300, + 200 kick (500 total):
Then 12x50 - of 4x FTD for 25, swim for 25, 4x Closed Fist Drill for 25, swim for 25, then 4x Anchor drill for 25, swim for 25.
Then 10x50 build or 12-16x25 carrying over the above drills.

Easy cool down - all quality and you'll improve a TON.

Lots of finger-tip drag drill (FTD):

Lots of anchor drill: - like this but with underwater recovery. Using the snorkel is GREAT with this drill.

Lots of flip turns:

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