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Ultraman Base camp


Sean Riley

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate advanced masters multi day base period

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Plan Description

As the name suggests Ultraman is the ultimate endurance triathlon over three days of mind numbing pain and suffering. 10 km swim 144 km bike day 1, 275 km ride day 2 and a double marathon run day 3. It is not for the faint of heart nor for the unprepared.
I have previously written an 18 week program which I used to get me to the finish line of both of my Ultraman races but it was pointed out to me that the easy week in this program sees a total of 10.5 km of swimming, 220 km of riding and 40 km of running. An interim training step was needed to get people up to a fitness level where they could consider the arduous rigors of the 18 week Ultraman program.
Enter this Ultraman base camp program. This 3 month program will see you improve your fitness and get you ready for the demands of the 18 week Ultraman program if you want to move onto the next level.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:52 hrs 1:30 hrs
6:47 hrs 4:30 hrs
1:20 hrs 0:30 hrs
2:33 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:37 hrs 0:45 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:52 hrs 1:30 hrs
6:47 hrs 4:30 hrs
1:20 hrs 0:30 hrs
2:33 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:37 hrs 0:45 hrs

Training Load By Week

Sean Riley

Mind Over Matter Endurance

Mind over Matter Endurance coaching was born from a shared goal of husband and wife triathletes. We provide multisport coaching for the 'everyman athlete', where our motto is Your goal, our journey.

We deliver a goal focused coaching service based on your unique training needs. We ensure support and accountability through positive encouragement and thoughtful two-way communication. This is provided through our holistic life experience approach, not simply a performance at all costs mentality.

Sample Day 1

Long Run

Welcome to your Monday long run. Why Monday and not the weekend. Well Monday is the traditional day for the Ultraman run in Ultraman Oz and it is when the excrement hits the fan. So today is the day for you to sort out your demons from the weekends, because if you have any they will show uptoday.
In these long runs it is all about keeping the heart rate low in zone 1 and 2 and your cadence efficient. This is not about running fast this is about running efficiently.

Sample Day 1

Weights Session A

Chest Press
Dead Lifts
Deltoid Flys
Push Ups
Abs Triangles

Sample Day 2

Easy Swim

This will be the same session every week for the next 12 weeks.
4 x [100 swim - 100 kick - 100 swim fins - 100 pull - 100 swim snorkel - 100 scull/ drill]
Work on your stroke. Every aspect of the stroke can be broken into the 5 x 100 sets.

Sample Day 2

Easy Bike

This will be the same session for the next 12 weeks. We are not wanting to build here we want to engage in active recovery.
High cadence - low heart rate (zone 1 - nothing more) Do on a trainer inside if you have one.

Sample Day 3

Weights Session B

Back Lunge with over head reach
Tranverse Lunge
Chest Flys
One leg spilt/Squat
Push ups

Sample Day 3

Easy recovery run - flat and slow

Just like the easy bike and swim yesterday this will be your easy run for the week. It will consist of a gentle build as your fitness and recovery improves over the weeks and months ahead.
Today lets start with an easy 5 km outing and build from here.

Sample Day 4

Aztec Pyramid

300 (F/Form)
6 x 50 (S\C/Drill/Snorkle x 2)
6 x 50 (1 - 6 Build minus 2 seconds each 50)
6 x 50 + 10 sec
3 x 100 +20 sec
3 x 200 + 30 sec
3 x 100 + 20 sec
6 x 50 + 10 sec
6 x 50 kick (Snorkle - body position)
200 water run

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