A 14 week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan



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14 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Bike, 2 Swim, 2 Run, 1 Day Off, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

1875 m swim
1:45 hrs bike
0:55 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint

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14 week Physical Therapist based plan to get you ready for a successful Sprint Distance Triathlon! This is a safe and healthy plan designed to help you achieve your goals! It includes a safe progression, cross training and core strengthening that will get you to the start line healthy, happy and ready to race!

I am a physical therapist with Drayer Physical Therapy, a USAT Triathlon Coach and owner of Tri Strong Coaching. I understand the demands of work, family, nutrition, training and injury prevention. Thank you for choosing this plan! If you have any questions please email me at Laura@TriStrongCoaching.com


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:13
Average Weekly Breakdown

Laura Fromdahl

Tri Strong Coaching

I am a USAT Triathlon Coach & a physical therapist that specializes in triathletes. My coaching and plans are physical therapy biased and designed to get you to your race happy, healthy and prepared to compete. I started out specializing in beginner female triathletes...but now I have men and women racing all over the nation....from mini sprint distances to full ironman distances! Contact me for a free trial plan & references: Laura@TriStrongCoaching.com or (843)597-0110.

Laura Fromdahl

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Sample Day 1

recovery run

Sample Day 2

bike lactate intervals monday sprint last peak week

warm up and cool down 10 min each main set: 3-5 min intervals at max effort with 3-5 min active recovery (easy spin)

Sample Day 3

run intervals

warm up and cool down 10 min each remaining 35 min: 1-3 min intervals at max intensity with active recoveries of 1-3 min (slow & easy run or brisk walk)

Sample Day 5

interval swim:

100 warm up
4 x 50 drill
4 x 200 fast with 45 sec rest
8 x 50 at max speed with 30 sec rest
8 x 25 kick streamline (no board) odd freestyle/even backstroke
100 cool down

Sample Day 6

1 week out brick

16 mile bike @ 80% race pace 2 mile run @ 80% race pace

Sample Day 9

Trainer 70%

warm up for 5 min
trainer at 70% of top speed
cool down for 5 min easy

Sample Day 12

bike the run course

if you go up the day before to pick up the race packet - spin out your legs.....just spin where you can safely for 15 min or so

A 14 week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

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