Beginner Triathlon Program


Ted Ramos

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Bike, 2 Swim, 3 Run, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
1:49 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner

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This 12 week plan is for the beginner to intermediate athlete planning to do a Sprint triathlon. A triathlete needs a plan that will prepare them for the conditions of the race.

This is the same plan I have used to train my beginner triathlon group training program to successfully complete the Chicago Triathlon race in 2018. This group consisted of many athletes who were first time racers, and beginner and intermediate level triathletes.

The plan starts out with a focus on building a base of fitness through better fundamentals and technique, and progresses to more specific race intensities as the event draws closer.

This plan utilizes zones and perceived exertion to quantify intensity levels for each workout.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:46
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:46
Average Weekly Breakdown

Ted Ramos

Ted Ramos

What the athlete can expect from me is that they are getting an experienced coach with many years experience leading people to their goals.

Each athlete seeks out different qualities in a coach, but my athletes typically seek out structure, accountability, teaching, analysis of data, strategy and emotional support to varying degrees.  

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Sample Day 1


introduction to the Computrainer.

Reading the screen.

How to sit on a bike.
How to relax.
How to breathe.
How to pedal - 4 phase drills, fast spins, single leg focus.
Learning to shift.
10 min TT.

Sample Day 2

back to the basics - breathing

warm up
3 X 100
breathing drills
(advanced lane, skip to streamline kicking)
How to breathe - inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.
work on exhaling under water in :30 second intervals
progress to standing with face in water and rotating to breathe
progress to kicking in place against wall and rotating to breathe
8 - 10 X 25 streamline kick. when you need to breathe, take a stroke and rotate to breathe.
8 - 10 X 50 free focusing on rotating to breathe
advanced swimmers, finish with 5 X 200 on :20 rest
Cool down
200 easy

Sample Day 3


warm up
1/2 mile easy
main set
20 min as alternating 4 min running, 1 min walking
cool down
1/2 mile easy walk/jog

Sample Day 4


warm up
1/2 mile easy
main set
20 min alternating the following:
3:30 easy run
:30 fast running
1 min walk
cool down
1/2 mile easy jog/walk

Sample Day 6


warm up
2 X 50 free on :10 rest
2 X 50 pull on :10 rest
2 X 50 kick on :10 rest
2 X 50 free on :10 rest
drills set
spend 15 minutes practicing the drills from Wednesday in sets of 50 as 25 drill/25 free on :15 rest.
main set
10 X 50 free on :15 rest
cool down
2 X 50 pull

Sample Day 7


easy, enduranced paced ride. Effort level is conversational. Focus on keeping it in an easy gear and keeping the cadence above 90 rpm throughout the ride.

Also focus on staying hydrated throughout the ride. Don't forget to drink.

Sample Day 7

transition run

after the bike change into your run gear and run nice and easy for 5 minutes.

Beginner Triathlon Program

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