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Beginner Sprint Triathlon 12 Week Training Plan with Injury Prevention & Core


Heather Casey, CSCS, USAT L2

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner

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Plan Description

USAT Level II Coach Heather Casey designed this 12 week training plan as an action plan to peak at the right time for your Sprint distance triathlon this season. The plan is intended for the beginner level athlete.

Injury prevention is the number one goal for all of Coach Casey's plans and private coaching clients. Benefit from her background as a certified strength and conditioning coach with many different core workouts infused in this training plan.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:26 hrs 1:10 hrs
2:03 hrs 1:10 hrs
0:28 hrs 0:20 hrs
1:41 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:26 hrs 1:10 hrs
2:03 hrs 1:10 hrs
0:28 hrs 0:20 hrs
1:41 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Heather Casey

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Sample Day 1

30-45 min easy zone 2 spin with drills

Keep it in Zone 2 today. Spin easy with cadence 90 for the first 10 minutes. Drills: 1 min Single leg drills / 4 reps each leg 5 min easy spin with top of the pedal drill. Focus smooth full circle pedal stroke with a primary focus on the scraping from your heel then completing the power stroke with the top of the stroke keeping power! repeat both drills once spin easy to the end pulling all the technique together.

Sample Day 2

30 min endurance run zone 2 - use galloway 4:1

Warm up: Foam roll or dynamic stretching ___________________________________________ Main Set: - 30 min staying in zone 2 as aerobic base using Galloway method of run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute.

Sample Day 2

2 sets: Mini Band Drills and quick core

With Mini Band:
- 15 lateral steps each direction (toes pointing forward/ knees tracking over ankles
- 15 front kicks
- 15 back kicks
- 15 cross body kicks
- 60 sec forearm plank hold (booty and core TIGHTLY held in and take deep inhales and exhales)
- 12 superman lower back lifts
- 12 bird dogs each side (opposite arm / leg balance on hands and knees)
- 60 sec high plank (top of the push up) with knee drive to opposite elbow

Sample Day 3

1200yd catch drill plus technique swim

100 pull no paddles w/ buoy 5 X 50 yard catch drill: you can use fins as mentioned in the video to help you focus on the drill without losing momentum in the water. 20 sec rest between each 50 5 X 50 swim no equipment - focus on using technique from catch drill without so much exaggeration. 20 sec rest 200 pull w/ buoy no paddles 200 swim moderate effort putting the drill to action. 8 X 25 yd kick with board

Sample Day 4

1 Hour (3 x 2 min Z4, RPE 7)

- 10 min easy spin (zone 1-2) RPE 4-5
Main set:
- 3 x 2 min zone 4, RPE 7 on 8 min zone 2 recovery, RPE 5
- 5 min easy spin (zone 1) RPE 4

Sample Day 5

5 X 100 BSE (Base pace time trial)

Dynamic dry land warm up 
Warm up: (600)
- 200 swim focus on form
- 200 pull with bouy no paddles
- 4 X 25 sprint on :15 rest
- 4 x 25 kick no fins
Main set: (850)
- 5 X 100 swim BSE (Best Sustainable Effort) :45 sec rest. Record times on all 5 using whatever method you use (Garmin, digital watch or swim clock.)
- 50 easy effort kick
- 100 very easy effort swim of any stroke
- 4 x 50 variable as: 
25 fast / 25 easy
25 easy / 25 fast
50 all fast
50 all easy
Cool down: (500)
- 100 kick
- 100 swim easy
- 100 pull no paddles
- 100 kick
- 100 swim easy

Sample Day 6

45 min aerobic ride

45 min aerobic ride. Keep this ride very easy, this whole ride should be conversational paced. When you are finished with the ride i want you to transition into your running shoes within 5 min.

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