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Aquabike - Olympic Distance - Advanced Beginner to Intermediate - 16 week


Rachel Sears Casanta

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16 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic

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Plan Description

Ready to swim like a fish and ride like the wind?

This training plan is designed to prepare you, an advanced beginner to intermediate level triathlete, to successfully conquer the Olympic distance aquabike in 16 weeks.

Plan to commit approximately three to seven hours per week to training. The plan schedule is structured with one to two workouts per day, six days per week: three+ swims and three+ bike workouts weekly. Training is periodized with progressions in distance and intensity so that you will be strong and confident on race day.

The plan includes a training plan reference guide with a swim pace chart, equipment checklist and collection of tips for the swim, bike and transition.

Regular benchmark sessions in swim and bike at regular intervals over the course of 16 weeks so that you can gauge your progress.

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We want you to be grinning ear to ear as you come down the finishing stretch on race day!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:46 hrs 1:00 hrs
3:19 hrs 2:30 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:46 hrs 1:00 hrs
3:19 hrs 2:30 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Rachel Sears Casanta

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Sample Day 1


W/U: 200 easy ch swim, 100 kick (Fins or kick board OK)

M/S: 10 x 50 smooth, steady (:15 RI)

C/D: 100 easy swim
Total: 900

Sample Day 2

Trainer / Stationary / Road

W/U: 15 min easy, build to C90, Z2.

M/S: 5 x 1 min at higher cadence (focus on spinning your legs at about 10-15 RPMs faster) w/ 2 min easy RI. Easy to moderate effort. Z2.

C/D:15 min easy spinning, Z1.

Sample Day 3


W/U: 200 easy swim

M/S: 6 x 100 as: 2 x (100 sw, 100 kick, 100 pull) (:15 RI)

C/D: 200 choice

Total: 1,000
For drill: alternate every 25 w/ a different drill.

Sample Day 4

Trainer / Stationary / Road

W/U: 15 min build to Z2, C85-90

M/S: 3 x 3 min in a bigger gear, C80-85. Moderate effort, Z2-3. 2 min RI easy spinning after each.

C/D: 10 min easy spinning, C90+, Z1-2.

Sample Day 5

General Aerobic

60-90 min.
Steady, moderate effort focusing on pedaling rhythm. Mostly Z2. Aim for C90+.

Sample Day 6


W/U: 6 x 50 (25 easy, 25 build), 100 k

400 Straight swim. Every 4th lap mix in a drill or stroke (breast, back, fly etc).

Total: 800

Sample Day 8


W/U: 4 x 100 (100 sw, 100 k, 100 sw, 100 k) :15 RI

M/S: 50, 100, 150, 100, 50
1st 50 of each do drill, swim rest. :15 RI
4 x 50 Pull (use pull buoy) :10 RI

C/D: 100 choice
Total: 1,150

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