Olympic Distance 12 Week Spring In To Action Plan


Heather Casey, CSCS, USAT L2 Coach - PeakStateFit.com

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 2 Bike, 2 Swim, 3 Run, 1 Race, 2 Other

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
1:05 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic beginner intermediate

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USAT Level IIE Coach Heather Casey designed this 12 week training plan as an action plan to peak at the right time for your Olympic distance races this season. The plan is intended for an intermediate level athlete planning on racing multiple sprint and Olympic races in a season.

Injury prevention is the number one goal for all of Coach Casey's plans and private coaching clients. Benefit from her background as a certified strength and conditioning coach with many different core workouts infused in this training plan.

Coach Heather Casey


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:46
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:46
Average Weekly Breakdown

Heather Casey

Peak State Fit

Peak State Fit coaches Heather & Pat Casey design coaching programs for triathlon, duathlon, cycling, mountain biking and running from a holistic approach through the use of corrective exercise, individually designed training including metabolic efficiency guidance and mental skills training. During your free consultation, we’ll identify what’s holding you back and goals you’d like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to help you reach Peak State! #EnduranceElevated

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Sample Day 1

3 X 5 min @ Tempo

Foam roll or dynamic stretching before you get on the bike 15 min at warm up effort. At 15 min mark 5 X 15 sec spin ups to 7/10 RPE. Main Set: 3 X 5 min @ Tempo or 6/10 RPE 2 min EZ between Cool down 15 min at cadence 85-90

Sample Day 6

1.5 hour easy ride in rolling terrain

90 min aerobic ride. Keep this ride very easy, this whole ride should be conversational paced. When you are finished with the ride i want you to transition into your running shoes within 5 min.

Sample Day 9

1-1.5 hr Zone 2-3 Freestyle Ride

Take it easy if that's what your legs need or throw in some short surges and standing climbs if you feel like the challenge is right.

Sample Day 11

Indoor Spin with Single Pedal and Top Of Shoe Drill

10 min spin ez gear After 10 min when legs are warming up begin to focus on pedal stroke. I want you to feel your way around the stroke identifying areas you may not have full power. Pedal stroke drill: 8 X 1 min single pedal drill alternating sides each minute. Do NOT disengage non working leg. Just allow the working leg to do the work. Focus on finding power through the entire stroke. Spin ez spin 10 minutes allowing legs to build from the drill. (find the power through the stroke) Top of the shoe drill 10 min Spin at high cadence and easy gear, almost spinning out so easy. Force yourself to think about the top of your shoe, not the bottom. Visualize your hamstrings working to lift the pedal and keep the power through the top of the stroke. This is where most people lose power is across the top. spin back normal 5-10 min putting the pieces together from the drills.

Sample Day 14

4 X 5 minute hill repeats 3-5% incline

Foam roll or dynamic stretching before you get on the bike
30 min spin to warm up with a few standing efforts.
4 X 5 min hill 3-5% incline repeats at steady pace montitoring breathing, HR and cadence
spin easy 20 min cool down.

Sample Day 16

2 X 10' @ Threshold w/ 1st and last 30 sec charge Z6

Foam roll or dynamic stretching before you get on the bike warm up 20-30 min w/ spin ups to max effort 2 x 10 min at threshold effort (7/10 RPE) (1st 30 sec z6 HARD! then next 9 min z4; final 30 sec z6 HARD! 5 min EZ between sets CD 15-30 min

Sample Day 20

Strava Huntin'

Go out and find your 3 favorite 8-12 minute Strava segments and aim to beat your PR!

Olympic Distance 12 Week Spring In To Action Plan

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