Olympic Distance 12 Week Spring In To Action Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:46
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:46
Training Load By Week

USAT Level IIE Coach Heather Casey designed this 12 week training plan as an action plan to peak at the right time for your Olympic distance races this season. The plan is intended for an intermediate level athlete planning on racing multiple sprint and Olympic races in a season.

Injury prevention is the number one goal for all of Coach Casey's plans and private coaching clients. Benefit from her background as a certified strength and conditioning coach with many different core workouts infused in this training plan.

Sample Day 1
3 X 5 min @ Tempo

Foam roll or dynamic stretching before you get on the bike 15 min at warm up effort. At 15 min mark 5 X 15 sec spin ups to 7/10 RPE. Main Set: 3 X 5 min @ Tempo or 6/10 RPE 2 min EZ between Cool down 15 min at cadence 85-90

Sample Day 2
30 min Recovery Run (4,1)

30 min recovery run. nice easy run and try to stay relaxed. Stay in zone 2 - 1 so the effort should be easy. Take a 1 min walk break after every 4 min of running!

Sample Day 3
1500 w/15 x 50's Active Recovery

200 swim with buoy
200 swim moderate
4 X 25 hard on 20 sec rest
100 moderate
15 x 50's on 10 sec rest. Accelerate the first 10 hand hits and then just cruise the rest of the 50 allowing your breathing to return to a steady state through active recovery.
150 easy cool down

Sample Day 4
45 min aerobic run

45 min easy aerobic run. Include 4x10 second @90% of all out sprints for speed maintenance. Take a 1 min walk after every 9 min of running!

Sample Day 4
2 sets: Mini Band Drills and quick core

With Mini Band:
- 15 lateral steps each direction (toes pointing forward/ knees tracking over ankles
- 15 front kicks
- 15 back kicks
- 15 cross body kicks
- 60 sec forearm plank hold (booty and core TIGHTLY held in and take deep inhales and exhales)
- 12 superman lower back lifts
- 12 bird dogs each side (opposite arm / leg balance on hands and knees)
- 60 sec high plank (top of the push up) with knee drive to opposite elbow

Sample Day 5
Testing 5 X 100 yds

Dynamic dry land warm up
Warm up:
200 yd EZ swim
200 yd pull with bouy no paddles
4 X 25 sprint with 15 sec rest
200 yd EZ to finish warm up
5 X 100 yds threshold effort or (8/10 perceived) 20 sec rest * record times on all 5 using whatever method you use (Garmin, digital watch or swim clock.)
300 yd cool down
upload to Training Peaks with recorded times for 5 X 100 and maintain for future comparison.

Sample Day 6
1.5 hour easy ride in rolling terrain

90 min aerobic ride. Keep this ride very easy, this whole ride should be conversational paced. When you are finished with the ride i want you to transition into your running shoes within 5 min.

Heather Casey, CSCS - RSCC*D, USAT Level 2 - Elite Youth & Jr.
Peak State Fit

Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. During your free consultation, we’ll identify what’s holding you back and goals you’d like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to get you to your dreams. Heather’s philosophy of progressing an athlete at their individual pace effectively creates a plan based on metrics but grounded by lifestyle. Each athlete has a path and no two are alike!