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A 16 week, STANDARD TRI training plan (HR), INTERMEDIATE (for athletes with all-round ability)

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A 16 week, STANDARD TRI training plan (HR), INTERMEDIATE (for athletes with all-round ability)


Peter Wilby

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16 Weeks

Plan Description


We would love to hear about your progress with this plan. Don't be a stranger. By COMMITING to this plan you WILL be confident to EXCEL at your STANDARD DISTANCE TRI.


This is a 16 week, STANDARD DISTANCE training plan (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run). The plan includes swim training (OW can be done in the pool); bike training designed for in- or out-side (with workout files to upload to your device); run training, including brick; and finally, strength (with follow along videos).

Swim training is improved with the use of a metronome but this is not essential. The bike and run sessions require a heart rate monitor. And for the strength sessions you need access to a gym or your own bar and weights.


This training plan would suit an INTERMEDIATE athlete with a fairly even skill level across the three triathlon disciplines. Most people have strengths and weaknesses but as long as you are capable to start this plan, you are capable to finish it.

If you currently swim around 1.5km once or twice per week, ride weekly and are confident enough to include some high intensity cycling, and if you can happily run for 30 minutes at a easy pace, without pain or the need to stop, then this is the TRIATHLON plan for you.


This plan has been set out with three simple categories of session:

EASY - anything that is mainly no higher than Z2 heart rate

THRESHOLD - anything with the focus being mostly higher than Z2 but mostly lower than FTHR

MAX - any session with the main focus above FTHR

The categories broadly set out the intensity of each session. However, an EASY bike ride is still tough if it is long. A short bike might really tough if it is MAX. MAX could be focused on neuromuscular adaptations in Z7 as well as anaerobic capacity (sprinting) in Z6 and VO2max in Z5. THRESHOLD could be around FTHR and Z4 but also quite long steady sessions in Z3. EASY will mainly be Z1 or Z2 but there might be bursts included, taking the muscles and power output right through the intensity range.


You need a solid base of fitness before starting. It would be ideal to have already completed an off season plan or be following the ROLLING plan before starting. This plan is designed to get you race ready by supplementing basic training with high intensity training (MAX) and race pace (THRESHOLD) training to maximise performance.

The timetable remains the same going through this entire 16 week plan but but the duration of some of the sessions increases. Each week has two swims, three rides, two runs and two strength and mobility sessions. If you have Training Peaks Premium you can easily drag and drop sessions to other days or you could contact me before buying the plan an I can do so for you and apply it to your account on receipt of invoice.


You will work off a four week training block (three weeks building fitness / one week easier). The preseason phase (P3) is 8 weeks. The competition phase (P4) is 8 weeks. The longest swim is 2.55km although the swims are mostly around 2km. The longest bike is two hours. The longest run is 60 minutes, EASY.


With access to the INNER CIRCLE you can ask questions about you training plan directly or openly to other training plan athletes and myself. You can will get further instruction on things like strength routines, indoor bike sessions and swim and run drills. If there is ever anything you need that is not on there you can request it. And you also get great discounts off other services at

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x3
03:27:00 02:00:00
Swim x2
4,178m 2,550m
Run x2
01:21:00 01:20:00
Strength x2
00:54:00 00:30:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
03:27:00 02:00:00
4,178m 2,550m
01:21:00 01:20:00
00:54:00 00:30:00

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS

All supported devices

Pete Wilby



My name is Pete Wilby. I am triathlon and open water swimming coach based by the sea in Teignmouth, Devon, UK. I coach triathletes and open water swimmers from beginner, right through to World Championship level.

My mission is to coach with a holistic perspective that helps people to excel. To summarise my philosophy, I have designed the LENS acronym (Life, Endurance training, Nutrition and Strength). This is how I - and I hope you will too - will view training and coaching.

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