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Olympic Triathlon, 12 weeks Intermediate by Power, with Strength and Structured Workouts


Lana Burl

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

Thank you for selecting this Olympic Triathlon training plan, proudly presented by LB Endurance.

The plan is intended for intermediate level triathletes that have completed some triathlons, and want to improve their performance at the Olympic (also called Intermediate or International) distance! The plan will prepare the athlete for an event with a 1500 meter swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run.

To start this plan, you should already be capable of swimming, bike and at least two times per week, and able to finish a run (can include walking) of at least one hour in duration. You should also be able to swim 2000 yards (or 45 minutes, with breaks) comfortably and bike for at least ninety minutes.

Each training week includes two or three swim workouts, bike workouts, and run workouts, plus one or two strength training sessions. You will also find one or two planned recovery days each week. Strength training and rest are important to maintain the body, mind and soul while preparing for a triathlon.

Swim workouts are given as time and/or distance targets. Bikes and runs are time based, and bikes utilize Power for training zones. Be sure that your bike FTP is correctly measured or estimated, and that your power meter is ALWAYS zeroed and calibrated.

Most bikes and some runs are provided as Structured Workouts that may be automatically downloaded to your training app or device, allowing easy use with virtual platforms like Zwift.

Strength workouts use primarily bodyweight exercises and can often be performed without typical gym machines, but you can substitute similar exercises that you are familiar with.

The plan also includes several tips and reminders to help you prepare for an enjoyable race day, including guidance on race fueling, transitions, gear, race planning and hydration.

Please have a doctor’s approval before starting this, or any exercise program.

Have fun! If you have questions, or are interested in enhancing this plan, contact me at or We offer plan enhancements such as schedule customization, training zone determination and race planning/feedback. As a LBE Training Plan customer, you will enjoy discounts on additional services.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:54 hrs 1:10 hrs
1:31 hrs 1:00 hrs
0:44 hrs 0:40 hrs
2:48 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:54 hrs 1:10 hrs
1:31 hrs 1:00 hrs
0:44 hrs 0:40 hrs
2:48 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter
  • GPS

All supported devices

Lana Burl

LB Endurance

Lana believes in the value of living a full and happy life. She found joy in her own odyssey of discovering and nurturing the athlete within. She believes the pursuit of endurance sports delivers clarity, perspective and opportunity. This is why Lana coaches endurance athletes; theirs is a journey that anyone can undertake to learn, be happy and have fun in even the toughest moments.

Sample Day 1

Swim 1900 100s, long RI

Swim 1900, 100s with long rest intervals
2 x (125 easy + 25 streamline kick on back aka SLOB)
8 x 25 easy (0:10), odds are breathing every 2 strokes; evens are breathing every 3 strokes - focus on a quiet head position and full exhale
50 swim fast RPE9

5 x 100 moderate pace, RPE 5-6 (30”).
50 kick easy - with board or SLOB

5 x 100 faster than first set, RPE 7-8 (30”).
50 kick easy - with board or SLOB

100 fastest of workout

CD: 200 easy swim

Sample Day 2

Bike MT Z3 sets

50 min ride:

12 min wu
6 min high cadence Z3 (90+ rpm)
2 min recovery

Main Set:
5 x (1 min MT + 3 min high cadence Z3 + 1 min recovery)

1 min Z5b
4 min cd

Sample Day 3

Run Easy Drills

Run 50 minutes

Warm up 15 minutes, slowly ramping up pace and effort

Perform these Drills:
1. High Knees, 3 x 15 sec with 45 sec easy jog/walk between
2. Side Steps, 3 x 20 steps per side, with 30 sec easy jog/walk between
3. Carioca (grapevine), 3 x 20 steps per side with 30 sec easy jog/walk between

Continue running until 50 minutes is complete, staying Z2 effort/pace. Use the last 5 minutes to cool down.

Sample Day 5

Strength Core & Lateral Stability


Warm Up
5 cycles of Cat-Cow
10 x Bird Dogs, each side
10 x Dying Bugs, each side

2 sets of:

10 steps each side, banded lateral walks (if band available) - otherwise, do carioca (slowly)

Main Set

3 sets of:
10 lateral lunges, each side
10 glute bridges (hold 5 sec each) - if you have a small squishy ball, squeeze it between your knees
10 side lying hip abduction, each leg (raise top leg)

3 sets of
10 each Hip Adduction, lying or machine
10 Single Leg Glute Bridges, each side - if you have a small squishy ball, squeeze it between your knees
30 sec side plank, each side

Sample Day 5

Swim 2000 Short and Steady

Swim 2000 Short and Steady

300 loosen

300 alternating drill/swim by 50. Focus on getting a full stroke, pushing all the way back and a patient, almost lazy recovery.

4 x 75 Build by 25 (0:20): technique, aerobic, fast

100 pull - 100 easy - 100 pull

4 x 50 aerobic pace, across all repeats (0:15)

200 PULL - negative split

4 x 50 aerobic pace, across all repeats (0:15)

100 cd loosen

Sample Day 6

Run Hill Surges

Run a hilly route today, target 45-50 minutes

Warm up 10-15 minutes easy pace

Perform any normal running drills that you like here.

Select SIX (6) hills as you run and surge/sprint the first 30 strides of each climb, then ease back and finish the climb in your normal pace, recovering a bit and also using any flat sections and downhills for further recovery.

Cool down easy the last 5 minutes.

Sample Day 7

Bike Force 4

70 min ride:

Warm up:
15 minutes building
3 min Tempo @88%
2 min light
2 min Tempo @ 88%
1 min light
1 min SS @ 97%
3 min light

main set:
2 x (9 min Tempo @ 88% + 1 min recovery)
2 x (4 min SS @ 97% + 1 min recovery)
4 x (1 min PI @120% + 1 min recovery)

5 min cd

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