Cycling FTP Boost with Olympic Swim-Run Maintenance

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:36

This 8 week plan is designed for the intermediate to advanced athlete who would like to increase functional threshold cycling power and speed. It is recommended that you are accustomed to cycling 3-4 days per week and have performed interval training in the past.

This plan will include two benchmark tests, one at the beginning of the training block and one at the end so you can see your FTP improvements. You'll also receive a training zone calculator as well as step by step instructions on how to update your ranges in Training Peaks.

A typical week will include 4 cycling rides with three days of high intensity intervals. The first four weeks will target the VO2 max energy system, while the second four weeks will target the VO2 and lactate threshold energy systems. There will be a gradual build in duration and intensity for three weeks, and then every fourth week will be lighter to allow for recovery. This plan will also include two maintenance swims, two easy effort runs, two strength training sessions, two foam rolling and stretching sessions and one day off.

Each training plan will include access to the training zone calculators as well as a Training Manual. The training manual will include instructions on how to use your zones (RPE, HR, pace, power), how to perform benchmark testing, and access to video descriptions of the drills and exercises, and tips on race day and workout hydration and nutrition.

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Sample Day 1
Pre-Benchmark Ride

10 min WU
2x2 min HC, 2 min recovery
2x1 min Build, 1 min recovery
4x20 sec sprint, 2 min recovery
2x3 min z4, 3 min recovery

Sample Day 2
Benchmark Testing

15 min WU
2x2 min HC with 2 min recovery
3x1 min Build with 1 min recovery
30 min TT for best power, pace and highest HR average
10 min CD

Sample Day 2
z1-2 Run after the bike

Easy z1-2 effort after riding

Sample Day 2
Foam Roll and Stretch

Foam roll each area first and then stretch. Hold stretches 30-90 sec each.

Plantar Fascia

Also spend time working on any other areas that you feel need attention.

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Endurance

3x100 WU choice :20

Drills (can use fins):
4x100 as alternate 25 SK, 25 swim, :30
2x50 SK3R :20
2x50 Build :20

Main Set:
5x100 z2, :15 rest

100-200 Cool Down

Sample Day 3
Push Day Muscular Endurance 1

Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio. This can be on bike, elliptical, rower, etc.

Circuit 1
12-15x Chest Press
12-15x Step Up
30 sec Prone Plank

Circuit 2
12-15x Shoulder Press
12-15x Squat
30 sec Side Plank (30 sec each side)

Circuit 3
12-15x Triceps Pushdown or Kick backs
15x Heel Raises

Sample Day 5
z5 Intervals

15 min WU
2x2 min HC with 2 min recovery
2x1 min Build with 1 min recovery
5x2 min z5, 2 min recovery
10 min CD

Carrie Smith, PT, DPT
Comprehensive Endurance Solutions

Carrie is a physical therapist, USA Triathlon, and IRONMAN Certified coach in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in working with triathletes and runners to improve race performance from sprint to Ironman distance as well as those looking for injury prevention and return to sport. Carrie has over 10 years of experience working with triathletes and also offers metabolic testing for the bike and run, movement assessments, run video analysis and physical therapy and craniosacral therapy services.