13 Week Olympic Training Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:32
Sample Day 1
Swim Drills

Dynamic Warm up on Pool Deck- I, Y, T's 15 each, Plank shoulder taps

In Pool warm up-
300 m warm up as- 100 freestyle, 100 kick (with fins if needed), 100 pull with paddles

Mainset (MS)-
4x100 as 50 finger tip drag/25 Right arm swim/25 left arm swim, rest :30s
4x100 kick with fins, rest :30s
2x200 build, getting faster each 25, rest :45s
8x25 kick without fins
200 free, keeping pace consistent

Cool down (CD)-
100 m choice

Post Swim Core Work- 2x15
Hip Bridges
Rows with resistance Tubing
Side planks with forearm on kick board- hold 30s per side
Flutter kicks

Sample Day 2
30 minute bike test

Warm up-
10 minute warm up gradually increasing speed and gears

30 minute test as-

30 minutes ALL OUT effort, record power and if not using a power meter record average heart rate over the 30 minutes

20 minute easy ride focusing on turning over the pedals quickly for higher cadence

Sample Day 3
Basic Total Body Strength*

After Dynamic Warm up complete the following 3 circuits, 3x15, rest at the end of each circuit 60-120 seconds before repeating

Circuit 1
KB or DB goblet squat
Assisted Pull ups or lat pull down
Banded glute bridges

Circuit 2
Lateral lunge
Body weight row off bar or TRX row 
Paloff Press

Circuit 3
Step Up
Cable Chop

Sample Day 4
5k or 30 minute Run Test

3x10 second strides

TEST- Run all out for 5k or 30 minutes, record pace, time and heart rate.

easy cool down, walk or jog for 5 minutes or until heart rate is back to zone 1

Sample Day 5
Speed Swim

Warm up- 
400 m as-
100 freestyle swim, 100 kick with board, 100 pull with small paddles, 100 freestyle swim

8x25 sprint, can use fins, rest :15s
10x50 alternating 25 sprint/25 easy, rest :30s
2x100, building each 25 to max speed, rest :45-60s
8x25 sprint, no fins, rest :15s
2x25 underwater swim with fins, rest as needed

Cool down
2x200 choice, with fins if needed

Sample Day 5
Yoga, stretch or Trigger point

Take a yoga class or do trigger point work with a foam roller or we recommend using a hypersphere or hyperice roller.
email energymultisportcoaching@gmail.com for for Hyperice product information and how-to videos.

Sample Day 6
Zone 1-2 Run with 60s pickups

Easy 10 minute run warm up
Next 20 minutes run and insert 10x60s pick ups, recovering back to zone 1-2 heart rate after each one
easy zone 1 run rest of time (if heart rate stays elevated walk/jog to maintain low heart rate)

Ari Weinstein
Energy Multisport Coaching

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to every athlete. We are not just here to write training plans but rather to help guide and coach you through all of the ins and outs of training for endurance sports. Our coaching philosophy involves a highly individualized approach ensuring that your program is designed specifically for you and your needs. Lets work together to reach your goals, PR's and podiums.