Paul Gardner

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Other, 4 Bike, 1 Custom, 3 Swim, 4 Strength

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
2:10 hrs bike
0:56 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate advanced masters multi day power based tss based strength

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Distance | Event: AQUABIKE [SWIM BIKE]


Suitable for an athlete conditioned or regularly training in this sport, or fit enough from other sports to require a challenging programme of improvement in their chosen discipline. Your goal may be a personal best, finishing high up in a banner event or representing your club regularly. You may also be stepping up a distance and want to do this in a smart way that maximises your resistance to injury and avoids over training. You get a progressive programme based on your chosen way of measuring effort that’s clear, easy to follow and starts with testing and manageable sessions that grow more challenging as you improve.

What you get:

• Video introduction and Welcome and various bike pace / swim pace calculators
• Full test protocols for bench marking and improvement, plus retesting sessions
• One-minute videos on Training Peaks set up and use, plus how-to PDF
• Information on all links to connect your training device and Training Peaks
• Full access to Lovetri swim technique training library on YouTube
• Background on bike handling and transition PLUS pro transition tips sheet
• Full PDF photo technique how-to guides on Plyo, conditioning, stretches and warm ups
• ALL sessions based on YOUR fitness, pace, heart rate or power metrics
• Inbuilt ‘progression’ challenge, sessions get more challenging the fitter you get
• Full illustrated guides on all strength and conditioning sessions
• A plan based on your chosen way of measuring your effort and improvement
• A programme based not on hours, but on fitness progression for your chosen event
• An invitation to the closed group Racestronger Facebook pages where you can share experiences, ask questions and find out more relating to your training

A guaranteed 'get faster' programme ,challenging hill sessions and weekend longer but manageable distance rides that constantly challenge the energy systems. If you are looking for a plan to bring you PBs or to get you up to speed for a race then this is it.

Plan includes around 3-4 quality bike sessions a week, with one being optional. Longest swim is around 2.2k Time is around 4-7 hours per week so can be used in conjunction with your own other activities club or personal. This assumes that any commute running or fun running is done very easy and over relatively short distances

Racestronger Ethos:

All our plans offer proven results, and have been used by elites to novice level athletes in multi- discipline to single sport to achieve personal bests and outstanding performances. Race proven by the Lovetri | Swimwerkx team and hundreds of athletes worldwide. The library features full multi-discipline programmes and ‘boost’ programmes, allowing you to focus on your favourite sport or the one you want to improve the most. You’ll find a programme to suit at that allows you to mix metric train, with power and heart rate, or train using your preferred effort measurement method. Why not buy a plan and take advantage of our tailoring offer, meaning we can swap around for a small fee the types of sessions.

Do the work, no more no less, and we're pretty sure you'll be setting your best ever run times at the end. Do the strength work and plyo to ensure you've got the edge. You'll need to be committed to getting better but many have completed the programme with great results. Once you're over the first 2/3 weeks you'll go from strength to strength!

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:55
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:55
Average Weekly Breakdown

Paul Gardner Head Coach Lovetri Race Team

Lovetri | Swimwerkx Race Team

Head Coach|Owner LovetriSwimwerkx Race Team
Founder online training plans

Ex GB Age Group athlete and Triathlon England Board Member. Head Coach and Coach Mentor [coach other coaches]

  • Ironman certified
  • BTF Level II Diploma
  • Training Peaks LII
  • Wattbike Power Trained

We support you in your goals, blending scientific based training proven at elite level around your work and personal life. You get fun effective functional training that delivers results.|

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Sample Day 1


Many 20 min tests OVERESTIMATE FTP

If you have a recent 5 and 20-minute best effort, you can estimate your FTP,

IF NOT then you can do this effort BEFORE a planned regular session, or if you are feeling good, do it the morning of a part II Elite 20 minute test in the afternoon or evening.

Simply warm up for 10 minutes, then give it the beans all out for 5 minutes. Take the average or normalised power depending on what you have recorded for that 5 minutes, very important, then cool down.


Sample Day 1


Many 20 min tests OVERESTIMATE FTP

If you have a recent 5 and 20-minute best effort, you can estimate your FTP.

IF NOT then you should have completed the all out 5 minute test of PART I of this protocol then rested for at least 6 hours before doing this part if you are a conditioned cyclist OR a whole day otherwise.

Then perform a 20 minute very hard 20 minute test as normal, taking the average or normalised power depending on what you have recorded. use the average HR for the 20 minutes ONLY as your threshold HR for use at the weekends if you ride without power outside.


Take the average power from the 20 minute test
Take the average power from a 5 minute test

Identify the % drop off from your 5 to 20 minute test


1) 5 minute = 400W
2) 20 minute = 300W

Drop in percent = , the drop is 100 W =100/400 = 25%.

3) Multiply this % by 0.75 = 18.75%

4). Take this % off your 20 minute value to get a good estimate of FTP

So, for an example athlete, we would multiply the 20 min test result of 300W by 18.75% = 56 W and subtract this from 300W to get a good estimate of FTP, in this case, 244W

This method takes into account the very real differences in each athlete’s power-duration or ‘fatigue’ curve
Enter this into TP in the normal way.

Input the results into Training Peaks POWER bike settings using 'Threshold PWR or FTP' as your desired metric, box 1,and 'Andy Coggan' as the calculation methodology, box 2

b) How to input results into Training Peaks here:

This may be done on the road or on an indoor trainer. The road will generally give better results so long as it is relatively flat and free of stop signs and heavy traffic. Keep your head up. Time trialling with your head down is very dangerous.

Most people doing this test go too hard the first few minutes and then gradually slow down for the remainder. That will give you inaccurate results. So pace well and keep consistent effort

Remember you may wish to 'add' a training zone in Training Peaks called Sweetspot to aid your training as we reference this zone extensively in the sessions. It is just below your threshold and at the top end of zone 3, and is around an 8-10 beat overlap between the two zones. In FTP, your sweet spot training level is 84 to 97% of your FTP.

Sample Day 3


Swimming Pace

Simply swim 1000m and then divide your finish time by 10. This is your T-time. This should be done early in the Base period and every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter. The more times you do this test the more accurate your T-time will become as there is a learning curve that has to do with pacing in the first few minutes when doing this test.

Step 2

Set your swim pace zones in your Training Peaks account. Where you see 'T' or 'T' time [with or without plus (+) or minus (-) a few seconds this means for example a T-time pace that would be the equivalent of your T-time plus or minus the seconds per 100, so you'll need to work that out for the length of the pool you are in.  it is a 50 meter/yard set you are doing, half the time difference]

How to Video here:

This is a different test from CSS, it will establish your faster and mixed threshold swim sessions to improve your speed, take it as your track work for the pool

Sample Day 6

PWR 2 Hour SLICE [S]

Easy ride sandwiching intervals, vo2, threshold or sweetspot session accompanying this ride

You can shorten the ride to and from

General Power Zone Correlations % of FTP [Threshold]
Z1 Easy 54 and below FTP
Z2 Endurance 55-76 of FTP
Z3 Moderate 76-90 of FTP

SS Sweetspot 88-93 of FTP

Z4 Threshold | Tempo 90-105 of FTP
Z5 Above Threshold 105-120 of FTP

Sample Day 6


Either warm into this session or ensure 20mins ride leading up to intervals
Recover 7 mins
Pyramid intervals:
- 10 second flat out sprint, 50 seconds recovery
- 15 seconds flat out sprint, 45 seconds recovery
- 20 seconds flat out sprint, 40 seconds recovery
- 15 seconds flat out sprint, 45 seconds recovery
- 10 seconds flat out sprint, 50 seconds recovery
- 15 seconds flat out sprint, 45 seconds recovery
Recover 7 mins

Sample Day 7

Best Body Weight Glute

Print the attachment, save and do! Try and do these once or twice a week, they'll help you get stronger, the more you do the better.

Don't overdo it, but pick a challenging few exercises and stick to it

AND you can watch the below too:

For some video instruction simply click on the following, incorporate into your routine especially during the September to March period

Hip Piriformis (deep hip muscles)

Hip Glute Med (support the stance and assist a strong run0

Runner Touch (good all around glutes)

Hot Salsa, lunge. Glutes Hamstrings

Sample Day 8


Turbo/Rollers/Static Bike: Pyramid Intervals Session

Ride: Cadence 95rpm+ during the efforts and drop below 95rpm for the rests 

Zones: Threshold zone for TT efforts and active recovery for rests

1 minutes Threshold Effort 
1 minutes Active Recovery
2 minutes Threshold Effort 
2 minutes Active Recovery 
3 minutes Threshold Effort 
3 minutes Active Recovery 
4 minutes Threshold Effort 
4 minutes Active Recovery 
5 minutes Threshold Effort 
4 minutes Active Recovery 
4 minutes Threshold Effort 
3 minutes Active Recovery 
3 minutes Threshold Effort 
2 minutes Active Recovery 
2 minutes Threshold Effort 
1 minutes Active Recovery 
1 minutes Threshold Effort 

Cool down routine

Session 2 and every following Week - add 30 seconds to everything except the max effort


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