12 Week Olympic Low volume Plan

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12 Week Olympic Low volume Plan



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13 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Swim, 2 Run, 2 Bike, 1 Other, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

0:20 hrs swim
1:20 hrs bike
1:10 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic beginner intermediate hr based pace based

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12 Week Low Volume Olympic Distance Training Plan
This plan gives you the minimal training you need to complete an Olympic distance triathlon. It is a good plan for triathletes who want to do their first Olympic distance race with a low-volume training plan.
You are given a 6 week Base Phase to help you build the endurance needed to finish an Olympic triathlon
There are 6 workouts a week, two swims, bikes and runs. In weeks 3,6,9 and 11, there is a brick session on Sundays, these sessions are to help you acclimate to the feeling of running off the bike and master your transition skills. The build phase is 4 weeks which you will gain strength, technique and build your race skills. Weeks 4, 8, are recovery weeks, during these weeks the plan has opportunities to test your increased fitness. These test will also help set your pacing for the run and swim and heart rate for the bike. Week 12 is your taper week. Race week give you some tips about what to bring to the race and h


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:14
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:14
Average Weekly Breakdown

Anna Nemeckay USAT Certified coach


As a USAT certified coach and multiple IM athlete, I create training plans that work around an athletes life. I believe hard work pays off but over training is never the answer. I develop training plans that are unique to the athletes needs based on their current fitness level, past race experiences, lifestyle, race goals and injuries. Communication with my athletes is pivotal to their success so when they show up on the start line they know that their training has prepared them for race day.

Sample Day 1

Foundation Base Run

WU 5min RPE3-5
MS 15min RPE6-8
CD 10min RPE 3-5

Sample Day 20

1000yards Pool Test

50 Easy FS/50 Kick
(25DOC,25 FS)
Start Device or timer and swim for 20minutes Non Stop then stop Device. Record you distance
CD 2X's 
(25 KOB/50 free 25 KOB)

Sample Day 22

5K FTP Test

WU easy jog 5-7min
Start device run at a pace that is challenging but one you can maintain for 10K. If you are not sure of how fast you can go start out steady and increase your pace every 5min until you can't go any faster but you can finish with that pace for the remainder of the test. 
Focus on proud posture but relaxed face and hands with a fast flat mid foot strike that lands just under the hips.

Sample Day 82

Affirmations List

Spend 30 minutes crafting a list of affirmations. These are things you are good at and feel confident about. These characteristics should be specific to your sport and your particular upcoming race.

Sample Day 84

Pack gear bags

Pack the gear bags and leave them out for a day so you can decide what you need to add or remove.

Sample Day 87

Pre Race Brick Run

Transition off the bike into an easy relaxed run pace HR no higher than Zone 2

Sample Day 87

Pre race course ride

Leaving transition ride the course making sure bike is in good working condition. Ride back and use this team to do 4-6 1min spin ups RPE8-9! Finish the ride relaxed to transition

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