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Injury Prevention Focused Olympic Distance Plan - 20 weeks; Advanced; Sunday Event

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Injury Prevention Focused Olympic Distance Plan - 20 weeks; Advanced; Sunday Event


Alyssa Morrison

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20 Weeks

Plan Description

Research suggests that between 70-90% of runners will get injured each year.  This statistic is slightly less for triathletes due to the cross-training nature.  However, injury is still very prevalent.   Therefore, the main goal of this training program is to provide you the opportunity to participate in the sport you love while minimizing your risk for injury.  Thankfully the effort you put into injury prevention strategies is the same focus that will provide you with greater speed and power.  Thus, participation in this training program is a win-win to foster optimal performance.  Injury be gone!


Designed for the advanced Olympic distance triathlete, here are the specifics of the 20-week training program:
·      Progression through four build cycles and one race specific cycle, all followed by a recovery week.  6 hours (minimum) to 11.5 hours (maximum) time requirement per week prior to tapering and racing. 
·      Each week typically consists of 2-3 swim workouts, 2-3 bike workouts, 3-4 run workouts and at least 2 strength training workouts.  One day per week, Friday, is designated as a day off.  However, this rest day can be flexible as your schedule requires and guidance is offered to adjust for this need.  
·      Injury prevention strategies are built into the workouts each day/week.   Other training tools complement these workouts to minimize risk for injury and put the athlete in the position for greater speed and power. 
·      Training plan starts on a Monday. Therefore, it can be applied to start on any Monday or it can be set to end on race day. 
·      Training plan assumes your target race is on a Sunday.
·      Training plan uses common language and little to no abbreviations to try to decipher.


·      Prior to beginning this training program, you should be able to complete a 40 minute or approximately 1600-yard (or meter) swim, 60 minute ride and a 20 minute run.  
·      Training program will build you up to 3000 yards (or meters), 8 miles of running and 40+ miles of cycling.  

Purchase of this training plan includes the following:
·       25 question triathlon-specific Injury Prediction Calculator with complimentary strategies and tips to 'reduce your risk.'  
·       In-depth, instructional 30+ page Injury Prevention Athlete's Guide including injury prediction tips and injury prevention strategies and drills, as well as strength training routines.  For more details on what is included, please send an inquiry to review the Table of Contents.
·       Extensive, educational 70+ page Athlete’s Guide. For more details on what is included, please send an inquiry to review the Table of Contents.
·       Comprehensive Glut Activation Exercises document
·       Online, supplementary videos for swim and run drills and mechanics. 
·       Email access to the coach and author for questions, concerns or guidance. 

Please email Coach AJ at: or or visit us at 

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Run x6
02:26:00 01:20:00
Strength x3
00:58:00 00:20:00
Swim x2
01:47:00 01:15:00
Bike x2
02:51:00 02:30:00
Day Off x1
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
02:26:00 01:20:00
00:58:00 00:20:00
01:47:00 01:15:00
02:51:00 02:30:00
Day Off
—— ——

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS

All supported devices

Alyssa (AJ) Morrison

Multisport In Motion

Multisport training for novice to experienced athletes with an injury prevention focus

Injury is devastating to an athlete’s physical and mental health. With an educational background and clinical practice in rehabilitating athletes, we understand the athlete’s need to overcome dysfunction, minimize injury, refine biomechanics and foster optimal performance.

Personalized training is also available for those athletes with a chronic injury history or desire a more individualized approach.

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