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Swimming for Triathletes | LONG COURSE TRIATHLETE


Tony Rich

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20 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate advanced masters time goal multi day hr based pace based strength base period

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Plan Description

For Iron distance and 70.3 triathletes looking for swim workouts to supplement their training. The swim program comes with a companion eBook and video with periodization designed to decrease a triathletes "Base" (pace per 100 yds/mts.) by 10 seconds in 20 weeks. Program is created and updated by USAT and USMS Masters swim coach Tony Rich, founder of EventHorizon endurance sport.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:43 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:25 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:43 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:25 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Tony Rich

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Sample Day 1

Dryland Strength Training

Dry Land Strength Training

from Top 12
Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes:

4-5x through, 12 reps

Sample Day 2

Base | Base Field Test

Warm up
200 Freestyle swim-ez
100 kick
2 rounds

Pre Set

***Base Field Test ***
1) This field test derives what's called your Base Interval. Which serves as the basis for your swimming intervals. Think of Base as the average time per 100 yards you'd be able to swim long. See the attached calculator and chart.

2) Swim 5x100 holding best average with 10 seconds rest in between.

Note the gross time for the entire 5x100 including the rests. Plug this time into the calculator to determine your Base. "Click on the Paper Clip in the upper right corner of the workout to download the Base Calculator"

To calculate manually convert the gross time to seconds and subtract out the cumulative time for the rest intervals (in this case 4x10s=40s).

Take this number (your net swim time), divide by 5 to get an average pace for your 100s and add approximately 10 seconds to this number to determine your Base Interval.

We'll use this as the Base for your swim workouts.

Main Set

300 swim @ Base+15

2x150's @ Base+10
negative split. 2nd one fastest

3x100's @ Base+10
Descend each one.

6x50's @ 1:00-1:10

4x25 freestyle @ :30-:40

Cool Down

Sample Day 3

Basic Strength I

Basic Strength I

from Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes:

3-4x through, 10-12 reps

Sample Day 4

Base | Drill Day

Swimming Technique and Drill Day

On your drill day, cycle through the drill options 75 yards/meters at a time for the duration. Actively focus on your weaknesses and what the drill seeks to correct. I recommend you use all of your products including swimmer's snorkel if you have one, pull buoys, paddles, and fins.

Body Position & Rotation
Head Lead Balance

Barrel Roll


Freestyle and Sighting
Single Arm Freestyle

Sighting drill for triathletes

Drafting Drill for triathletes

Flutter Kick Basics

All Strokes-Ankle Flexibility

Six kick Switch

Vertical Flutter Kick

Reach-Full Extension

Catch & Pulling
Simple Catch Drill

Early Catch

Fist Drill

Side Rotation/Catch Progression

Pull Drills/Paddles

Fingertip Dril/Wrist Drag

Catch up/Distance per Stroke

Non-Freestyle Drills

Backstroke Drills
Thumb out Pinky In

Catch Progression

Streamline Kick

Kick extend

Head Position

Butterfly Drills
High reverse dolphin kick

Butterfly-Single Arm

Butterfly-Second kick 1

Butterfly-Second Kick 2

Butterfly-Soft Hands

Side Breathing

Breaststroke Drills


Heels drill

High Heels

Sample Day 5

Base | Long Swim | Aerobic

Warm Up:
100 swim -ez
100 kick-ez
100 swim-ez

Pre Set
2x75 six kick switch
-focus on a narrow kick and good rotation-

2x75 Single Arm Freestyle
-switch the extended arm by 25-

Main Set
2x1000 rest :60 in between
#1 build by 100
#2 Negative split the 500

1x500, pull r :30
use pull buoy and paddles

Cool Down
100 yards/choice/easy

Sample Day 6

Dryland Strength Training

Dry Land Strength Training

from Top 12
Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes:

4-5x through, 12 reps

Sample Day 7

Base | 250 Yard Circuit | Theshold

Warm Up
250 kick/swim by 50
250 swim-choice-easy

Main Set (6x = 6 Rounds)

100 @ B+10
3x50 free @ 1:00
#'s 1+2 build, #3 for time! for time means as fast as possible. :)

Cool Down
200 swim/easy

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