Aquabike - 70.3/Half Ironman Training Plan - Intermediate - 16 weeks

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Aquabike - 70.3/Half Ironman Training Plan - Intermediate - 16 weeks


Hypercat Racing, Rachel Sears Casanta

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 4 Bike, 3 Swim

Longest Workout

1:05 hrs swim
3:30 hrs bike

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman intermediate

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16 week Aquabike Training Program
Ready to swim like a fish and ride like the wind?
This training plan is designed to prepare you, an advanced beginner to intermediate level triathlete, to successfully conquer the a half ironman distance aquabike in 16 weeks.
Your plan includes access to the Hypercat Racing Facebook page for your plan related questions along the way.
Plan to commit approximately seven to ten hours per week to training. The plan schedule is structured with one to two workouts per day, six days per week: three to four swims and three to four bike workouts weekly. Training is periodized with progressions in distance and intensity so that you will be strong and confident on race day.
The plan includes a training plan reference guide with a swim pace chart, equipment checklist and collection of tips for the swim, bike and transition.
Regular benchmark sessions in swim and bike at regular intervals over the course of 16 weeks so that you can gauge your progress.
Our coach support through Facebook, newsletter and website is insurance to help you get the most from your training time and your money!
We want you to be grinning ear to ear as you come down the finishing stretch on race day!
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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:37
Average Weekly Breakdown

Rachel Sears Casanta

Hypercat Racing

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Sample Day 1

30 min TT / LTHR test

Warm-up at least 20 min, gradually increase the intensity and keep your cadence high (95+) for the first 15 min. Then perform 3-5 hard efforts for :30 - :60 seconds. Rest for 5 min (easy low tension spinning) and then begin the test.

Note: The effort of the time trial should be just like a race, so go for it!

Complete the 30-min TT as follows: Start your Heart Rate Monitor (this should have an average HR function and lap record function). After 10 min, hit the β€œlap” button so that after your workout you have the average HR for the last 20 min. This is a very close approximation of your LHTR number. Noting your breathing will allow you to fine-tune your results in subsequent tests. Plug the number in for lactate threshold. Use Friel/Cycling (Go to Settings/Zones).

Your average watts for 30 min is known as your "CP30."

Sample Day 2


WU: 3 x 100 (25s each of k, R arm only, L arm only, sw

MS: The 200s are at T-pace plus :05 per 100.

The other intervals are relaxed swims with good technique.

50 (:15 RI)
100 (:15 RI)
200 (:40 RI)
300 (:60 RI)
200 (:30 RI)

CD: 100 EZ
Total: 1,750
Use your ave 100 pace from last week's Benchmark workout as your T-pace. If you did not do the benchmark swim, then swim at a moderately hard effort.

Sample Day 3

Stationary / Trainer / Road

W/U: 17 min in ( )as follows:
(5 min Easy Spin build to C85-90
12 min – 3 x (1 min right leg, 1min both legs, 1 min left leg, 1 min both legs). Alternate 80% of the workload during right and left leg intervals.)

Set 1: 4 x 3 min Easy, Z1, RPE <10, CP<180 (sit in easy gear) 1 min RI. C90+

Set 2: 4 x 3 min Hard, Z4, RPE 15-16, CP60 (sit/stand big gear) 1 min RI. C80-85

Set 3: 4 x 3 min Hard, Z4, RPE 15-16, CP 60 (sit in big gear) 1 min RI. C80-85

C/D: Finish with easy spinning

Sample Day 4


W/U: 6 x 75 (25 dr, 50 sw) (:10 RI)
6 x 50 build by 25 (:10 RI)

6 x 100 best average. Note your times (:20 RI).

C/D: 250 EZ choice

Total: 1,600
Swim as fast as you can for the 6 x 100s while maintaining consistency between repeats.

Add your 100 times together and calculate an average 100 pace.

This will be your interval pace for future workouts until the next retest.

Sample Day 5

Aerobic Endurance

1-2 hrs. Moderate effort, cadence focused ride ride. Goal is to focus on an average cadence of 85 - 90 for the duration of the ride. Small ring (if you have a double, or middle if you have a triple). Speed is NOT important. You are working on fundamental pedaling skills and muscular endurance. Suggestion: 1 bottle of fluids /per hour & gel/nutrition approx every 30 min. Log what you eat and drink and any related notes.

Sample Day 6

Open Water or Pool.

20-30 min open water swim w/ partner(s), practice swimming straight and sighting.

Or Pool
200 swim, 300 Pull (B-3, B-4 by 50)
2 x 400 (1st 400, every 4th lap, swim heads up freestyle) (2nd 400, every other lap - no walls!)
Total: 1300

Sample Day 8

Stationary / Trainer / Road

W/U: 15 min in () as follows:
(5 min spin easy, build to C90+
5 min of :30 intervals, alternating between C80 & C100.
5 min, easy spinning, build to C95+)

M/S: 6 x :30 – Easy, Z1-2, RPE 12-14, CP 90
Spin up to maximum RPM and maintain for :30 (4:30 RI)
C/D: 5 min easy, comfortably high cadence.

*Spin up to a cadence where you start to bounce in the saddle,
back off slightly to smoothen out your pedal stroke.

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