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Ironman 70.3 in 7 Hours Per Week (12 weeks) - HR Zone Based


Roger Hospedales

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate advanced hr based

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Plan Description

This 12 week plan is designed for a busy athlete who is able to invest 7 hours per week of training time in order to successfully finish their upcoming Ironman 70.3 race.

Athletes completing this Ironman Certified Coach designed plan, will train 7 hours each week from weeks 1 to 10, 6.5 hours during week 11, and just over 3 hours during the race week taper. Athletes can expect to complete 1-2 swims each week, 2-4 bike rides, and 2-3 runs.

The swim workouts in the training plan are based on pace, while the bike and run workouts in the plan are based on Duration and Heart Rate - utilizing Training Peaks Structured Workouts. That can be utilized on your device or preferred virtual training platform.

Thus, it is essential that you have a reliable Heart Rate Monitor, and that you complete the field testing during the first week of the plan, and set your zones in Training Peaks ( Make sure you utilize Joe Friel's Swimming, Cycling and Running Zones.

You should be training regularly for 5-7 hrs per week, for at least one month prior to starting this training plan.

Being an efficient time limited plan, it strictly focuses on swim, bike and run. But you should be engaging in stretching, massage (self or a RMT), and sound nutritional practices to help you recover from your training, and to stay injury free.

* The information provided in this training plan cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting the training plan or any new fitness program.
Upon purchasing the plan, you will receive a welcome email, and an invite to schedule a one-time phone/video call where you can ask your questions about the plan and the training ahead.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:19 hrs 2:15 hrs
1:12 hrs 0:50 hrs
3:07 hrs 3:15 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:19 hrs 2:15 hrs
1:12 hrs 0:50 hrs
3:07 hrs 3:15 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Roger Hospedales

PR Endurance Training

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Sample Day 1

SWIM: 35 minutes (1km TT/T-pace Test)

Warm Up (WU):
10 minutes
During this time do, 4 x 50m hard, 4 x 100m hard, 4 x 50m hard to get yourself ready for the main set TT.
Main Set (MS): (1000m)
Swim 1000 m at your Fastest Sustainable Pace.
Record the time, and avg pace per 100.
The pace will be called your “T-pace.”
Cooldown (CD):
5 minutes Easy
Depending on how fast you swam the 1km, you can choose to swim more than the 10 minutes to get to 45 minutes total and make full use of your pool time.

Sample Day 2

BIKE: 1 hr 10 minutes (20 minute TT with HR monitor)

You'll need to do this test in order to establish your training zones in Training Peaks. It is important to put forth a quality effort in this all all Test to ensure you have appropriate training zones for your sessions.

Sample Day 3

SWIM: 35 minutes (12 x 1 minute @ Z4/5)

Main Set (MS):
1 minutes @ Z4/5
15 seconds rest
Do 12 times.

* Yes, you want to do these fast, but do not sacrifice good form. Maintain a streamlined position.

Here is a helpful video from Speedo:

Sample Day 3

RUN: 20 minutes Easy Zone 2 with Strides

10 minutes Steady Zone 2
with 5 Strides.

Sample Day 4

RUN: 4 km TT

Run on a relatively flat course (or track/treadmill) and one you can use to re-test. Hold a pace you can maintain for the full 4km. Don't blast out too hard and blow up at the end. Strive to gain in strength throughout.

* Hit the lap button at the start of the Time Trial and at the end to record your effort. Make sure to wear your HR chest strap. We want all data.

Sample Day 4

BIKE: 30 minutes Recovery Spin

A very easy recovery ride to help the legs recover from the 5km TT.

Sample Day 5

BIKE: 45 minutes Easy Recovery

A follow-up recovery ride to further help the legs recover from the 5km TT.

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