TPS 12 Week 70.3 Plan - Beginner

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:24
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:24
Training Load By Week

This training plan is to be used in conjunction with a Garmin GPS multisport device or devices. The plan is written so that each session is easy to understand and can be uploaded to your device so your device acts as your coach for each session, guiding you through every step.
The plan is intended to be used as a starting point and is meant to be flexible, so move sessions and days around to fit in with your life when you need to, but try to avoid cramming too many hard sessions back to back. If you don’t have enough time to complete a full session, go out and do what you can. A 10-minute run is better than no run at all and it reminds the body what you are training for.
This plan assumes the athlete is starting from a low to medium aerobic base of fitness. The athlete should have at least completed an Olympic distance race but it is not essential. Nutrition during training is important in the longer distance races so make sure you have a nutrition product that you will try out during training that you intend to use on race day. This can be in the form of solids, gels or liquid.
If you come from a single sports background, consider replacing one session in that sport with your weakest discipline once every 2–3 weeks.
Aim to be as consistent as possible. Consistency is the key to athletic improvement. Take the long view: you won’t develop much in a week but you can progress a lot in 12 weeks.
Good luck and enjoy the journey.

Sample Day 2
Easy run

Set 1: 25min Z1-2
Do 5-10 min of light
mobility work before commencing your run. Aim to hold a consistent HR and pace so don’t go out too hard. You should finish feeling good. 5min stretching to finish.

Sample Day 4
Easy Bike

Set 1: 5min Z1 @ 80 RPM
Set 2: 5min Z1 @ 90 RPM.
Set 3: 45min Z2 Spinning at 90-95 RPM. 
Set 4: 5min Very Easy
You can do this on the road or turbo. Focus on smooth pedalling. This will help to recover your legs from Tuesday's run

Sample Day 6
Bike Brick

Set 1: 5min Z1 @ 85 RPM

Set 2: 5min Z1 @ 90 RPM.

Set 3: 45min Z2 @ 95 RPM

Set 4: 5min Very Easy 
Straight off the bike and into your run

Sample Day 6
Run off the bike

Set 1: 20min Z1-2. Keep RPM up when running off bike. Aim for around 90-95 RPM. 
Remember to Hydrate during the session.

Sample Day 9
Long Run

Set 1: 45min running in Z1-2. Keep intensity even throughout the session. This will help to build your base endurance which will support your higher intensity work later on. Keep RPM high throughout and stand tall with good technique. 5-10min of light stretching to finish.

Sample Day 56
Steady Open Water

Swim Open water to start getting used to that environment. 
Set 1: 5min Z1 Repeat the following 
Set 2: 10min Z2 breathing bilaterally if you can
Set 3: 2min Recovery 
Finish with:
Set 4: 4min Z1 kicking and swimming.
Nice and relaxed and enjoy.

Sample Day 82
Easy bike

Set 1: 20min Z2 @ 95RPM
Use the bike ride just to check your gears and brakes to make sure everything is working. Try to do both these in the am and relax in the pm.

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