70.3 Plan Using FTP & HR Thresholds - 8 Week Base Build Phase

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:30
Training Load By Week

This is a great 8-week endurance base building program is a combination of my two four-week plans, there is some savings if you purchase this full plan. This plan is for advanced beginner athletes and above who have access to a power meter and heart rate watch. Average training starts at 5 hours per week and peaks at 8. This will create a great base for you to go into your race training phase. This plan includes two strength sessions per week as well as programmed swim, bike and runs. All you need to get started prepping for your next race.

Sample Day 1
Bike - FTP Test

It's time to test. Determining your functional threshold power (FTP) is an ideal way to train for the bike portion of your race. You're going to test every 8 weeks.

Sample Day 3
No Weights Needed - Strength

Sample Day 4
Base Build - Low Cadence @ 92%

Sample Day 6
Lactic Threshold Test

We're going to determine your heart rate zones based on Joe Friel's Lactic Threshold run test. you can do this run outside, on a track or a treadmill. You need somewhere that you can run consistently for the entire testing time.

Sample Day 7
Swim Ladder

Sample Day 7

Sample Day 9
Strength 1

Christina Enger

Endurance coach and trainer at Life Time Fitness in St. Louis Park, MN. USAT Level 1 certified coach. Active racer with two Ironman finishes and more than 50 other endurance events completed over the past seven years.

Looking to train for your first sprint, 70.3 or 140.6, I can put together a plan to get you there.