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Strength, explosive and plyometric training program for Ultra-endurance athletes. 12 weeks.


Tim Pigott

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

This plan is a home based strength, explosive and plyometric training program which is based on the research study by Giovanelli, Taboga, Rejc & Lazzer (2017) who found this routine resulted in a 4% improvement in the cost of running in well trained ultra-endurance runners. Ultra-endurance athletes should improve their training programme by adding ideally 3 sessions a week of this home-based program, although 2 sessions a week will also see improvements.

The program split into 4 week blocks. Phase 1 is an adaptation phase focussed on core stability and movement control. Phase 2 is a strength focussed block with an increase in single leg exercises. Phase 3 is an explosive focussed block with more plyometrics and jumping exercises. Thus this 12 week plan is designed to progressively challenge you.

The exercises are body weight, so you don't need any particular equipment. Skipping exercises are included, but if you don't have a skipping rope just jump on the spot as if you did! Step up exercises can be done on the stairs or a low chair / bench. If you don't have a wobble board / cushion you can stand on a pillow folded over or simply single leg stands.

Each session has YouTube links to demonstrate each exercise. The sessions are set to be completed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, however you can move these to whichever days suit your plan, but ensure you have at least 1 days rest between sessions. If doing these twice a week then I recommend doing the strength sessions on Tuesday and Friday. When combining strength and endurance training concurrently it is better to complete the strength training prior to your endurance session.



Reference: Giovanelli, N., Taboga, P., Rejc, E., and Lazzer, S. (2017) Effect of strength, explosive and plyometric training on energy cost of running in ultra-endurance athletes. European Journal of Sport Science.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Strength x3
1:27 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:27 hrs 0:30 hrs

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Tim Pigott

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My area of expertise is working with athletes who have been struggling with illness or injury and returning them to peak performance, particularly the longer distance events.

I am a sports physiotherapist, with over 15yrs experience working with beginners through to international & Olympic athletes from a multitude of sports, a university lecturer, triathlon (BTF2) and running coach, bike fitter (IBFI 4), and certified nutrition coach (PN1). I can help you return to, or realise your potential.

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