Ultramarathon - Your First 50-miler in 24 weeks (Garmin-compatible, access to coach)

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Ultramarathon - Your First 50-miler in 24 weeks (Garmin-compatible, access to coach)


Marius Triukas

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24 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Run, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

5:00 hrs

Plan Specs

running ultra intermediate pace based

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Who is this Plan for?

If you have finished the marathon and you’re looking for a new challenge, chances are you are thinking of an Ultramarathon. Ultrarunning event duration in many cases exceeds Ironman® events, so they are challenging and require dedication and time to prepare.

This plan aims to help you to get your body ready for a challenging event - a 50-mile Ultramarathon in 24 weeks. It is recommended that you were exercising regularly before starting this plan, even if the plan includes 1 week intro period and starts with almost 4 hours of training the first week.

Plan Highlights

The plan includes a variety of workouts (ladders, tempo, steady-state, endurance, to name a few) arranged in four-week cycles, which will allow your body to adapt and prepare for a challenging race.

The plan is based on a percentage of your calculated Threshold Pace, however, workout descriptions also refer to RPE 1-10 (Rating of Perceived Exertion) scale. RPE will help you evaluate your 'pace by feel', so the actual distance covered may be different from one set in the workout. Target distances in some workouts are just for reference and only race day will show how your training was.

The plan does have Strength & Conditioning workouts, however for the best results they should be followed with the supervision of the gym coach.

The plan is compatible with Garmin devices so you will have structured workouts delivered straight to your watch when using the AutoSync feature after connecting your TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect accounts. However, please check your device compatibility in the Garmin/TrainingPeaks website.

Access to Coach

f you will have any questions for this plan, before or after purchasing it, please contact me by e-mail marius@trainbydata.com and I’ll be happy to help you. And read the Welcome message before starting. It contains important information about your plan.

Plan version 4.0.0


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:10
Average Weekly Breakdown

Marius Triukas

Train By Data

Sub 3-hour marathoner and sub-11-hour full distance finisher, IRONMAN® Certified Coach with IT background (ah, and the father of two). Interested in data analysis and constant search for improvement, meter-by-meter, second-by-second.

If you’re ready and willing to delve into your training data and if you want to explore how numbers translate to your fitness, let’s talk and see if we can find out what your training may or may not has been missing.

Sample Day 1

0:35h Recovery Run

Recovery: 35 min @ 71-77 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 4-5)

Sample Day 2

Stability&Endurance - Week 1

Jog 5 min

Knee Pulls - 1 set x10 reps
Walking on Toes with Toes Pointed In - 1 set x10 reps
Walking Hip Cradle - 1 set x10 reps

Band Pull Apart - 1 set x10 reps
Step Up (No Weights) - 1 set x10 reps
Monster Lateral Walk (with bands) - 1 set x10 reps

Overhead Squat - 3 sets x12 reps, rest for 0:20 between reps; Weight: Bar
Step up - 3 sets x12 reps, rest for 0:20 between reps; Weight: Body
Goblet Squat - 3 sets x12 reps, rest for 0:20 between reps

Anti-Rotation with Bands - 3 sets x10 reps
Side plank - 3 sets, continue for 0:30
Donkey Kicks - 3 sets x10 reps

Static stretches - 5 min

Sample Day 4


For this time trial test, be rested and perform it on a running track, or on any other flat, smooth course. Warm up for 5 minutes by gradually accelerating to a tempo which you believe you can sustain for 30 continuous minutes, but not longer. Do not start too fast, stay consistent and have in mind that test is divided into 10-minute and 20-minute parts. They are for calculation purposes only, so do not drop your pace after 10-minute lap is complete; you have to run for continuous 30 minutes at the fastest pace you can sustain for that amount of time. After completing the test, cool down for 5 minutes.

Your average 30 min. pace will be your Lactate Threshold Pace (LTP). Your average HR for the last 20 min. of the test will be your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR).

Sample Day 5

0:30h Recovery Run

Recovery: 30 min @ 71-77 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 4-5)

Sample Day 6

1:10h Endurance Run

Endurance: 1:10:00 @ 77-84 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 5-6)

Try to keep 170-180 spm cadence during this workout.

Sample Day 8

6x3min Run Intervals

Warm up: 15 min @ 71-77 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 4-5)

Repeat 6 times
Hard: 3 min @ 110-118 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 9-10)
Recover: 3 min @ 71-77 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 4-5)

Try to keep 160-180 spm cadence during workout.

Sample Day 9

0:40h Recovery Run

Recovery: 40 min @ 71-77 % of Threshold Pace (RPE 4-5)

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