Marius Triukas   Train By Data

Sub 3-hour marathoner and three times iron distance finisher, IT guy at day, athlete at the rest of the time (ah, and the father of two). Interested in data analysis and constant search for improvement, meter-by-meter, second-by-second.

If you’re ready and willing to dive into your training data and if you want to explore how numbers translate to your fitness, let’s talk and see if we can find out what your training may or may not have been missing.


As a guy with an IT background (that’s where my love to data comes from), I believe in that any training plan does not show it’s full potential if you’re just blindly following it.

I trust in Scrum-like approach (don’t worry if the word “Scrum” does not say anything to you) to training:

  • You should have a clear final goal - it is your A race.
  • You should know steps, which you need to perform to succeed (IT guys call it backlog) - it’s your training plan.
  • You should train in iterations, and you may adapt your plan if needed - that’s where a piece of coach advice comes handy.
  • You should have a detailed workout plan for each iteration
    If that all makes sense to you and you have your goal to reach - you may check one of my training plans and then reach out to me by e-mail to discuss it. Or you may go your own path and follow your own strategies and iterations; in that case, it would be great to hear your feedback, which helps us all to improve.



Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


Consultations, Remote Coaching

Sport Types



English, Russian

Athlete Requirements

Ideally, athlete would have at least one year of workout history in TrainingPeaks and have raced a full marathon during that period