Half Marathon - 17 Weeks

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Half Marathon - 17 Weeks


Kephren Izzard

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17 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

running beginner intermediate advanced masters hr based pace based

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Why 17 weeks?
We believe optimal performance comes with around 16 weeks of work plus a week to freshen up!

Using a combination of pace and heart rate to optimise your physiological response and keep fatigue under control, this program will suit all abilities who have completed at least a 10km unbroken run.

Based on 4 runs per week, this allows those with busy lives to be able get through the sessions each week and still perform on their chosen race day.

Can be completed without using heart rate, but best results have come from pace and heart rate.

Use your "off days" for cross training, strength or core work, yoga, flexibility, recovery! These will all aid your build to your best Half Marathon!!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:00

Kephren Izzard

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We work with all athlete abilities, from first timers to national champions & world championship qualifiers. Our athletes race Sprint to Ironman Triathlon, 5k to Ultra-Marathon, Multi-Sport Adventure Racing, Cycling and Mountain Bike Racing and come from all over the globe!

Our success comes from ensuring our programs fit around YOUR life and not a one size fits all solution.

Sample Day 1

90mins Easy Z2 Run

This is an easy session all about efficiency.

Using Heart Rate (preferably) or Pace, keep the effort all within Zone 2

Sample Day 6

40 minute build

starting out easy, no set pace, run to feel and finishing strong

Sample Day 13

Build Run 50 minutes

10 min warm up
10 min at Z2 Pace
10 min at Lower Z3 Pace
10 min at Upper Z3 Pace
10 min warm down

Sample Day 22

100 mins easy run

100 mins easy run
Keeping the Heart Rate (preferred) or Pace at Zone 2.

Sample Day 29

110 mins easy run

110 mins easy run
Keeping the Heart Rate (preferred) or Pace at Zone 2.

Sample Day 34

Tempo Run 15min Z3 Pace

15 min warm up but build pace and effort
15 min Z3 pace
15 min warm down

Sample Day 57

2hr with 15min Race Pace Finish

1:45 all nice and easy.
Last 15mins to be run at your goal race pace.

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