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marathon training plan


Alison Smith

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run

Longest Workout

20 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon intermediate hr based pace based

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A 12- week marathon training programme, from a starting point of being able to run a half marathon.

This programme has THREE key runs per week, and is quality, not quantity focused.
The sessions are based on a mix of RPE, threshold pace and anticipated marathon pace.

Ideally a Heart rate monitor and/or GPS watch will help you to get the most out of this programme.

Unless you specifically ask for assistance from the coach there will be no communication over the duration of this programme.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:34

Alison Smith

Sunshine Multisport coaching

If you are a beginner wanting to be guided through your first few triathlons I would love to share your journey. I can create your own bespoke online training plans, give you specific strength training workouts to complete, and generally hold your hand through the entire process!
Whilst our relationship will be virtual, we will facetime regularly so that I can check your progress, and provide as much support as possible. Its never too later to start, so what are you waiting for?

Sample Day 1

Steps ups: 15 minutes zone 3 heart rate, 5 minutes zone 4-5a.

Step-ups. Warm up 15 mins building to zone 3 heart rate. Hold for 15 minutes.

Then step-up to zone 4-5a heart rate for 5 minutes.

Relaxed form. Cool down. 10 mins

Sample Day 6

AE2. Aerobic Threshold (AeT) Steady State 2h (30min) HR.

BT: Warm-up well. Then on a mostly flat course run 90 minutes at 30 bpm below your 5a zone (LTHR). Focus on good form with a high cadence (85+ rpm) and flat foot strike.

Sample Day 8

Cru ints, 5x800m

Cruise intervals. Warm-up well 15-20 mins, including 4 strides. Then on a track run 5-6 x 800 meters at 10k mile pace +10-20 seconds (90-second recoveries). 10 min cooldown. be sure to press the lap key on each interval and after warmup. use these speed sessions to increase cadence and get used to the feel of your feet moving more quickly

Sample Day 10

tempo session

Warm-up about 10 minutes raising heart rate gradually. Then 10k at around 20secs slower than your usual 10k pace. Cool down 10 mins in heart rate zone 1.

Sample Day 13

Aerobic Threshold (AeT) .

Warm-up well. Then on a mostly flat course run 2hr15 minutes at 20 bpm below your 5a zone (LTHR). Focus on good form with a high cadence (85+ rpm) and flat foot strike. make a note of your distance. How did it feel?

Sample Day 14

Intervals, 2 x (6x 400m), 3k pace (This is the data from the tempo run today)

Warm up 15 mins + 4 strides.

Then 2 x (6 x 400m) with 1:30m RI between each 400 and 2:30 RI between each set.(jog or walk).

Run the 400s at 3-5 seconds/400 faster than 5k pace.

This is a controlled pace. cooldown 10 mins

Sample Day 16

tempo session

Warm-up about 20 minutes raising heart rate gradually. Then 5k at your target marathon pace if you can hold it.don't worry about keeping HR down in this session, its about pace here. Cool down 5-10 mins in heart rate zone 1.

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