Marathon Plan - 16 week plan - First timer that has completed a half marathon

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Marathon Plan - 16 week plan - First timer that has completed a half marathon


Peta Woodland

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Day Off, 7 Run

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

running marathon beginner intermediate

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16 week marathon plan with a sunday race day.

This program is designed to be sustainable around work & children etc.Energise coaching provides easily achievable, sustainable training programs.

Plan is mostly based on time for therefore the plan doesn't reflect the total distance. The plan is characterised by a slow build in training commitment, alternating a long aerobic run week, with a marathon paced long run. There is provision in the program for those that prefer a walk/run strategy. Test sessions are included in the program periodically to review progress.

Please look under the work outs for help with terminology and exercise descriptions. Please email with any questions. We will answer most questions within 12-24 hours. Peta from Energise Coaching coaches athletes of all levels and abilities. As an age group athlete herself, she relates to the need to balance training with work and children while still achieving improvements in performance.

This plan is intended for athletes who have a goal to finish their first marathon. They will have ran a half marathon previously.

Equipment required;

HR monitor/watch


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:36

Peta Woodland

Energise Coaching - triathlon, running, swimming

I believe in sustainable training around living life. I see too many people burning out when age group athletes should be able to enjoy their sport, have time for other things, while still seeing solid performance gains. I offer personalised training programs & coaching or group coaching services to swimmers, triathletes and runners to suit lifestyle and performance goals.

Sample Day 1

30 minute TT

10 minute warm up easy warm up, stretches
Run for 30 minutes as hard as you can.
get your average HR and maximum heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the test (use the lap button on your watch) and your pace for the whole 30 minutes of the test.
10 minute cool down easy pace, stretches
record your distance and average pace for the test as well as the HR data

Sample Day 2

Easy Run pace - Recovery Zone 1

Easy run 40 minutes – recovery run zone 1

Sample Day 4


10 minutes easy paced warm up, stretch
5 x 400m HARD intervals (RPE 8), 200m jog recovery, 200m walk.... Intervals should be hard but they should be consistent..., 10 minutes cool down, stretch....

Sample Day 5

Easy Run

Easy run 40 minutes – recovery zone 1

Sample Day 6

Aerobic paced run

Long run – Aerobic pace.. zone 1-2 pace (RPE 1-3).

Sample Day 8

Threshold Intervals

10 minute warm up easy jog
5 x 5 minutes at threshold PACE, zone 4, 1 minute slow jog
10 minute cool down easy jog

Sample Day 9

Aerobic Run - zone 1-2

Aerobic run zone 1-2 pace (RPE 1-3).

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