Absolute Beginner 13.1 Plan


Terry Wilson

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26 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Run, 1 Other, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

3:15 hrs

Plan Specs

running half marathon beginner

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This plan is 26 weeks long, Is based on an athlete that is on a limited time schedule and only requires 6 to 7 hours tops of training a week. This plan will make train even the most novice person to be comfortable with a race at the half marathon distance.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:14

Terry Wilson

Coach Terry Wilson

I coach athletes independently allowing me to set my own prices competitively and the athletes are always benefiting. Approximately 100% of my athletes are remotely coached. I'm pursuing my degree in Kinesiology and will be going after my Masters in 2020.

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Sample Day 1

.75 | easy

Walk for 45 Minutes non stop.

Sample Day 2

1.0 | Walk

Walk for 1 Hour, easy non stop

Sample Day 3

1.0 | Walk

Walk for 1 Hour, easy non stop

Sample Day 5

.5 | walk

Walk for 30 minutes easy nonstop

Sample Day 6

1.0 | Walk

Walk for 1 Hour, easy non stop

Sample Day 9

1.0 | Fast walk

Fast walk for 1hr non stop.

Sample Day 10

1.0 | Walk + mix up

Walk for 1 Hour, with 30-45 seconds of running every 3 minutes.

Absolute Beginner 13.1 Plan

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