Half Marathon Quality Specific Walk Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:39

No previous experience required
Must be at least 12 years old
Schedule written for walkers
Must be able to walk an 18-minute mile

Sample Day 1
Strength Exercises


Sample Day 1
Steady Aerobic Walk Work-out

Base building. This work-out builds slow twitch muscle fibers which are necessary for endurance sports. When you finish this work-out you should feel like you could do it all over again.

Sample Day 2
Steady walk

Steady walk at low HR zone. Easy pace.

Sample Day 3
Speed Walking Work

Time Trial: Warm up well for 5-10 minutes. Walk 1 mile as fast as you can consistently maintain. Cool Down for 5-10 minutes.

Sample Day 3
TTT Core1

Click on paper clip in upper right corner to see exercises. Start with 10 reps and do 2 times through. Once comfortable with all exercises increase to 17 reps, then increase to 3 times through.

Sample Day 4

It is necessary to keep the body limber and flexible. Stretching should be done after warming the body up with cardio work. It should never be done before an endurance work-out as it weakens the muscles.

Sample Day 5
Steady walk

Steady walk.

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