Holistic 13.1 Half Marathon Plan 16 week including strength, core & mindfulness


Heather Casey, CSCS, USA Triathlon L2, PeakStateFit.com

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Other, 5 Run, 4 Strength, 1 X-Train, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:15 hrs

Plan Specs

running half marathon intermediate pace based

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This is a 16 week intermediate training plan designed specifically for a half marathon including baseline testing, speed work, tempo runs, strength runs, long endurance runs PLUS strength work, balance & plyometrics, yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness reading and listening assignments. Your holistic half marathon training plan! This plan ends on a Saturday raced day.

Frequency and consistency is key in training for any endurance event. This plan includes strength and core work to help you with injury prevention and performance gains. Every workout in this plan is written as a custom structured plan using Training Peaks Builder. This means you have the ability to export each workout to your Garmin or third party app such as Zwift, Trainer Road or Rouvy. This technology is a great benefit for training with greater accuracy and technology.

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:08
Average Weekly Breakdown

Heather Casey

Peak State Fit

Peak State Fit coaches Heather & Pat Casey design coaching programs for triathlon, duathlon, cycling, mountain biking and running from a holistic approach through the use of corrective exercise, individually designed training including metabolic efficiency guidance and mental skills training. During your free consultation, we’ll identify what’s holding you back and goals you’d like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to help you reach Peak State! #EnduranceElevated

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Sample Day 1

1 set of Mini Band as activation

With Mini Band: - 15 lateral steps each direction (toes pointing forward/ knees tracking over ankles - 15 front kicks - 15 back kicks - 15 cross body kicks

Sample Day 1

Run Fitness Test: Threshold Pace and HR

This fitness test serves to set your pace and heart rate training zones. Give it your best effort and go in to this session well fueled with a light meal 1 hour before and maybe a small dose of caffeine from a coffee or green tea.

Warm Up: 
- 10 min in Z2 (easy/steady) Think about run form by doing form checks throughout warm up: cadence, relaxed shoulders, feet under hips, forward lean, supple hands and feet, core engaged, full inhalations, light on your feet! 
- 4 x 30 secs accelerating from Z2 to Z4 on :30 recovery

Main Set: 
- Run for 30 min at the fastest pace you can maintain for the duration. Use your “LAP” button to begin and end the test interval. Be consistent with the effort without spiking paces or stopping! Walk if needed! This is simply a baseline of your current fitness.

Cool down:
- 5 min easy pace to return to normal body temp and HR pattern. You can stop your watch and cool down longer when needed.

Continue your recovery with fluids and replace electrolytes if needed. Take in real food for recovery when possible with quality protein, fats and carbohydrates in appropriate proportions for you! Email us for additional help with nutriton if necessary Heather@PeakStateFit.com

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Endurance

All in low to mid Z2. These runs are to be done slowly. They will gradually build your endurance and increase your efficiency. If you do them faster, you'll increase your injury risk for no real benefit.

Sample Day 2

Post Run Core Routine

20 stability ball pull-ins 20 stability ball transfers 20 stability ball foot march 20 stability ball roll outs 20 stability ball windshield wipers 1 min plank with shifting weight front to back 30 sec side planks with hip drop 20 straight leg drops squeezing yoga block between calves 15 single leg bridge lifts with stationary foot on block 1 min bridge lift squeezing block 30 plank knee drive to opposite elbow

Sample Day 3

Founder’s back strengthening

This routine doesn't take a lot of time, but is challenging and works. The focus is all on the posterior chain (read back, glutes, hamstrings).

Sample Day 4

Pyramid Threshold efforts at 100-105%

Warm Up:
- 10 mins progressing from Z1-2 to low Z3
- 4 x 30 sec accelerating from Z2 to Z4 on :30 sec recovery.

Main Set:
- 1 min Threshold pace 100-105% on 30 secs recovery pace
- 2 min Threshold pace 100-105% on 1 min recovery pace
- 3 min Threshold pace 100-105% on 90 secs recovery pace
- 2 min Threshold pace 100-105% on 1 min recovery pace
- 1 min Threshold pace 100-105%

Cool Down: 
5 mins Z1 to Z2.

Sample Day 5

Yoga Video - back & core 26min


Holistic 13.1 Half Marathon Plan 16 week including strength, core & mindfulness

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