Half Marathon 12 Week Intermediate Run-Walk


Lana Burl

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 1 Day Off, 3 Other, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

13.1 miles

Plan Specs

running half marathon intermediate tss based strength

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Thank you for selecting this Half Marathon training plan, proudly presented by LB Endurance.

This plan utilizes run/walk intervals for all run training. You may also train with this plan by running and not using any walk intervals.

The plan is intended for runners that have at least one year of running experience and/or may have completed a half marathon already.

To start this plan, you should already be capable of running three or four times per week, and able to finish a run of at least sixty minutes in duration.

Each training week includes two strength training sessions as well as two or three cross-training workouts. You will also find one or two planned recovery days each week. Strength training, cross-training rest are important to maintain the body, mind and soul while preparing for a half marathon.

The run/walk approach offers many benefits: quicker recovery, less muscle fatigue and joint stress, interval training, and the body’s core temperature and maximum heart rate are typically lower. The method also creates convenient breaks for eating, drinking or other needs, while providing a mental break.

It is IMPORTANT to start your run/walk intervals as soon as the workout or race starts; don’t wait until you tire from running for awhile!

Have fun! If you have questions, or are interested in enhancing this plan, contact us at admin@lbendurance.com or www.lbendurance.com. We also offer plan enhancements such as schedule customization, training zone determination and race planning/feedback. As a LBE Training Plan customer, you will enjoy discounts on these services.

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:59
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:59
Average Weekly Breakdown

Lana Burl

LB Endurance

Lana believes in the value of living a full and happy life. She found joy in her own odyssey of discovering and nurturing the athlete within. She believes the pursuit of endurance sports delivers clarity, perspective and opportunity. This is why Lana coaches endurance athletes; theirs is a journey that anyone can undertake to learn, be happy and have fun in even the toughest moments.

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Sample Day 1

Long Run

Run 130 minutes

use your run-walk intervals

Continue to build your effort as you continue the run intervals so that the early ones (first 45 min) feel easy, the middle (second 45 min) feel comfortable/steady and final (last 30 min) feel challenging. The very last 10 minutes is a very easy cool down.

Again, in preparation for your race:
1. practice your race day schedule, including pre-run and post-run meals
2. wear your running sneakers and race day outfit
3. practice your race fueling, exactly as you will on race day (mimic any stops)
4. train on the race course, or similar terrain if possible.

Sample Day 3


Run 35 minutes

keep it light and easy, with your run/walk intervals

The Run effort should be an RPE of 2-3 or Zone 2. The Walk effort should be vigorous; continue moving your arms and driving your hips forward.

Sample Day 5

Speed: Fartleks

This speedwork is about having some fun, so it can be on any road or trail. Don't worry about getting the exact times for each interval.

Warm up 15-20 min walk/jog
* include some high knees or some pick-ups

Fartleks 4 x 2-min with 2-min recovery jog between each interval
* if you can, pick landmarks ahead of you to run to, such as a sign, tree, or top of a hill.
* fartlek speed is 5k pace or 90-95% of max
* keep your eyes up and core engaged

Cool down 10 min jog/walk

Fun if you can get a partner or small group to join you!

Sample Day 9

Long Run

Run 80 minutes

Use your run-walk intervals

Continue to build your effort as you continue the run intervals so that the early ones (first 25 min) feel easy, the middle intervals (second 25 min) feel comfortable/steady and final intervals (last 25 min) feel challenging. The very last 5 minutes is a very easy cool down.

Sample Day 11

Run 3-3-3 Race Pace

Run 3-3-3

10 min wu

3 x (3-min @ Target Race Pace + 3-min recovery jog)

5 min cd

If you are unsure of your target race pace, aim for an RPE of 4-5 or reaching a Heart Rate in Zone 3.

Sample Day 13


Easy Shakeout Run 30-40 minutes.

Pace it as you feel, but keep your effort in Zones 1-2.

Sample Day 15

Run Opener

Opener Run 30 minutes

10 min warm up
5 min at HM race pace
5 (10-sec high cadence pick-up + 50-sec recovery jog)
5 min at HM race pace
5 min cool down

Half Marathon 12 Week Intermediate Run-Walk

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