Half Marathon Machine/Conservative/12 Week Program

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Half Marathon Machine/Conservative/12 Week Program


Tony Rich

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 4 Run, 2 X-Train, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

14 miles

Plan Specs

running half marathon beginner intermediate advanced weightloss time goal hr based tss based strength base period

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Half Marathon program with 4 weeks of Base, 5 weeks of Build, and 3 Weeks of Peak training cycles. For runners that are beginners or want to take a more conservative approach. Peak weekly running volume tops at a little less than 20 miles. Running workouts are at a maximum of 3 times per week.

Powered by the TrainingPeaks structured workout builder complete with mobile app and daily email with prescribed activities and intensities for the next two days. Complete with Marathon Machine eBook and Performance Console workbook of tools and calculators.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:03
Average Weekly Breakdown

Tony Rich

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Sample Day 1

13.1 | Base | Running Field Test | Threshold

***Field Test*** We need to begin by first doing a field test to assess where you are.

To begin the test first do a dynamic warm up with 5-10 easy warm up run.

1) Reset your watch and begin the test, holding best average pace for 20 minutes.

2) Stop your watch at the end of 20 minutes. It should feel like you couldn't have done it any faster by the end.

3) Sync results. Take note of the average pace and average heart rate if you use a heart rate monitor.

4) Update threshold pace and heart rate in your accompanying running Performance Console Template. This will derive your heart rate zones for you.

5) Update threshold pace, threshold heart rate, and heart rate zones in the TrainingPeaks Athlete Account Settings in the "zones" section. This will ensure your workouts will build with correct paces for the prescribed intensities.

Sample Day 2

13.1 | Base | XTrain

Cross Training: Cross training is an important part of half marathon training.

Here are a list of cross training activities that will help you burn calories, work your aerobic system and minimize the impact stress on your lower body.

Choose a couple of them for your hour of cross training. These can typically be found at most gyms or athletic facilities.


Arc Trainer

Rowing Machine/Ergometer

Pool Running

Functional Strength

There are many ways to get strength into your program. Swimming and cycling are examples of ways you can strengthen your legs and core group with minimal impact on your lower body. Here are some examples of workouts that will help increase your functional strength for running.


Pull interval repetitions with a pull buoy and paddles. Completed as sprints.

Hard kicks with fins for short intervals

Reverse dolphin/360 dolphin kicks

Flip turns increase core strength

Butterfly enhances upper body strength. Breastroke strengthens hip flexors


Hard and short interfals at high resistance help strengthen quadriceps.

Hard gear climbing on hills.

Sample Day 3

Base | 1 and 1/2 Repeats | Threshold

One and a half mile repeats

Just two repeats, with a 3:00 recovery in between, and then cool down.

Sample Day 4

Base | 5s - Run | Aerobic/Threshold

Treadmill Workout

5 Minutes Aerobic @ Long slow distance pace

5 Minutes @ Threshold Pace.

5 Minutes Aerobic @ long slow distance Pace

Active Cool Down/easy

Sample Day 5

Running Drills

Drills: Try these drills in your spare time. They can be done indoors. They'll help re-engineer some of your running biomechanics if they require work Side-to-Side Pendulum http://bit.ly/19KF8y1 Timber http://bit.ly/19KH0ag Timber Drill in Pose http://bit.ly/19KH0ag Pony http://bit.ly/19KH7Th Front Lunge http://bit.ly/1ixUspR

Sample Day 5

Base | Basic Strength I | Functional Strength

**Base Focus: 3-5 Circuits, 10-12 reps, Medium-Heavy Weight

**Click on the Paperclip above to view the MOV video file, or click hyperlink. http://bit.ly/BasicStrength1

Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

Pull-up or Pulldown



Incline Crunch or Little Big

Sample Day 6

Base | Aerobic 75

Base Mileage. 75 Minute Run. Exact finishing distance will be intensity defined.

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