12 Week Half Marathon and Core Builder Training Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
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12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan and Core Strengthener Overview

This training plan incorporates the principles of the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training program. The program is based on 3 days a week running with cross training on the alternate days. Each run day has a specific purpose; Speed, Tempo, and Long. This program will emphasize Core Strengthening on 2 of the off days. The other 2 days of the week are rest days.

The plan works best with athletes that have been running for at least a year. It can however be used as a Couch to Half Marathon Plan. In that case I would recommend lengthening the plan by 2 to 4 weeks to more gradually increase the mileage and decrease the risk of a running injury.

To get an accurate starting point it is important to either have a 5K or 10K time to calculate a half marathon time. Alternatively, you can run a 3 mile course and record your time to do the calculations. If you are having trouble with the calculations feel free to email me.

Core strengthening cannot be overemphasized for runners. The workouts will incorporate dynamic warm up, core strengthening utilizing High Intensity Exercise (HIT), isometrics and light weight training (resistance). Having a strong core will help maintain a good running form during the second half of the race when fatigue is likely to set in. Exercises will be shown in a YouTube format and will be 20-30 minutes in length for the core strengthening days. They will increase gradually in the number in each SET of exercises as well as the number of SETS performed. Do them at your own pace, practice good body mechanics so as not to get hurt.

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Kurt Dallow MD, FACSM

Sample Day 1
Beginner core workout

Begin a core workout with 2 minutes of jumping jacks,10 partial squats, and 10 mountain climbers. Rest for 30 secs in between exercise types.
Next do a descending group of Burpees. Start with 3 burpees, then 2 burpees, and then 1 burpee. Rest for a minute.
Laying on the floor with knees bent, do 10 situps with arms extended out front of you.
Lastly, do a left sided plank holding it for 30 seconds, regular plank for 30 seconds, and right sided plank for 30 seconds.

Sample Day 3
Core strengthening

Jumping jacks, squats, and walkouts.

Sample Day 77
Long Run 1/2 marathon

Sample Day 83

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