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Coronavirus Couch to 5k/3mi (C25k) in ONLY 5weeks! FREE with code "joinfft"


Alex Mitchell from FastFitnessTips

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5 Weeks

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running 5km beginner masters weightloss time goal

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Plan Description


The Couch to 5K (C25K) is a beginners running plan originally created by Josh Clark in 1996 but not everyone can manage it. Here we carefully plan an improved, more subtle step up to a 5k by training four times per week from pretty much zero, and we think it is possible to do it in only 5 weeks (if you train as planned)!!

The daily duration stays the same (30mins) but the intensity gradually increases. So you will be walking or running almost exactly 30 minutes a session, three days a week, but over time it becomes wholly running, not walking. Keeping 30mins per day helps establish a routine for beginner runners but keeps it very manageable if you are time-crunched.

Each week has threee workouts and planned rest days. Think of the weekend run as your longer effort.
Each workout usually start with a 2-5min warm-up walk and the main effort is either intervals (alternating walking and running) or a longer run. Slowly the rest periods are reduced but this is entirely normal!

Don't worry about your running/jogging speed initially
You can move (replace) any days/days-off to any other day of the week
Where a session has multiple activities (intervals) go easy at first but try and finish strong
Initially, run for time (eg 5mins) but at the end you can run against a set distance
By all means run in a group but try and stick with your pace and plan or else you will crash
Keep in mind you will improve if you slowly do more each week
Don't worry if you don't hit the target every time, if necessary you can repeat the session or even the week
If you feel like you cannot progress, repeat the current week, then move on


We applied the 1-10 effort scale so you know how hard to go (aka RPE / Borg scale)

Level 1: Like I I'm watching TV
Level 2: I'm comfortable and could maintain this pace all day long
Level 3: I'm still comfortable, but am breathing a bit harder
Level 4: I'm sweating a little, but feel good and can carry on a conversation effortlessly
Level 5: I'm just above comfortable, am sweating more and can still talk easily
Level 6: I can still talk, but am slightly breathless
Level 7: I can still talk, but I don't really want to. I'm sweating
Level 8: I can only keep this pace for a short time period
Level 9: This is too hard, I need to stop any second
Level 10: This is impossibly hard

5k is not as easy as people say, but I am sure you can do it if you train.

Good luck from the FFT team!!
ps. any questions feel free to email us on




Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:48 hrs 0:33 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:48 hrs 0:33 hrs
—— ——

Alex Mitchell from FastFitnessTips

Alex from FastFitnessTips

Alex is the creator and head coach at FastFitnessTips. He is a level 3 accredited coach from the UK and also MD and also personal trainer. He is a qualified medical doctor at the University of Leicester UK and very experienced in scientific methods such as meta-analysis and big data. He has a large social media of around 40,000 combined following on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram and Strava. He is known for his ability to apply cycling science to cycling and endurance sports.

Sample Day 1

Week 1 Day 1: Run / Walk alternate

This is your first session! only 1 minute jogging
x 4 total of 30mins

Sample Day 4

Week 1 Day 3: Run / Walk alternate

We are doing 1 min jogging intervals

Sample Day 6

Week 1 Day 3: 90s run intervals

We are aiming for 90s jogging intervals to finish the week

Sample Day 8

Week 2 Day 1: 90s run intervals

We are aiming for 90s jogging intervals this week

Sample Day 10

Week 2: 2min run intervals

We are aiming for 2min jogging intervals this week

Sample Day 12

Week 2: 2min run intervals and a 4min finish

We are aiming for 2min jogging intervals this week but today with a 4min finish

Sample Day 14

Week 2: 3min run intervals

We are aiming for 3min jogging intervals this week

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