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Triathlon, Road Cycling, Running, Duathlon, IRONMAN, Personal Training

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


Alex is the creator and head coach at FastFitnessTips. He is a level 3 accredited coach from the UK and also MD and also personal trainer. He is a qualified medical doctor at the University of Leicester UK and very experienced in scientific methods such as meta-analysis and big data. He is active on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram and Strava. He is known for his ability to apply cycling science to cycling and endurance sports.

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Alex created FastFitnessTips in 2016. He is a level 3 accredited coach and also MD. Yes, he is a qualified medical doctor at the University of Leicester UK. He has been interested in sports science for the last 10 years. He trained at the Uni of Cambridge UK and is very experienced in scientific methods.

FastFitnessTips focusses on cycling science and not dogma. By looking at the evidence for every training question FFT has produced a large library of videos, calculators and workouts that can used to maximize gains (eg FFT reviews polarized training evidence

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FFT calculator library

  • Aero position calculator
  • Body Composition calculator
  • Climbing calculator
  • Crank length calculator
  • Drafting calculator
  • Drive train calculator
  • Fastest Tyre Solver
  • FTP20<>60 calculator
  • Fueling and bonking pacing calculator
  • Optimal Cadence Calculator
  • Power Zones calculator
  • Slam your stem watts calculator
  • Surface tyre choice calculator
  • Time-in-zone training calculator
  • Timetrial Pacing calculator
  • Tire/tyre pressure

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Alex from FFT will help you improve and reach your goals, no matter what your current level. We work with you in partnership


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