Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:14

The goal of the training plan and the companion post which can be found at link t the bottom of this description is simple, train smarter to lower your current 5km PB. In reading this post and completing the 10 week program you will be amazed how simple running faster can be once you strip back the non-essentials. Running after all is an instinctual act and as such only requires the lightness of touches to maximize what is already an extremely efficient system that has developed over millions of years of evolution. It is my goal in pointing out these 8 main training keys and interweaving them within this program is to allow you to unhook the harness that has been holding you back.

Sample Day 1

Using a program such as SWORKIT work on your flexibility.

Sample Day 1
Run pretty - Video analysis

After completing a brief walking warm up you will be required to get a running partner and get a video of yourself from the front, side and back. Look at how you run and simply ask yourself the question; How can I make myself look prettier when I run? Don't over analyze just think pretty thoughts because a pretty runner is a fast runner.

Sample Day 2

10 minute slow warm up followed by 4 efforts of 2 minutes with increasing RPE intervals finish with a slow 10 minute recovery run.

Sample Day 3
Sprint session

Easy two lap warm up of track followed by 10x100m efforts above race pace with full recover on walk back. Two laps of track to warm down.

Sample Day 4
Easy recovery walk

60 minutes easy walk - active recovery.

Sample Day 5

Using a program such as SWORKIT work on your flexibility.

Sample Day 7
LSD - 3km

While this may kill you to run such a small distance you must trust the process and follow these instructions to the letter.
The key to these runs is keeping your heart rate at a level which is 180 minus your age. If it rises above this at any time you must walk. If walking doesn’t get it lower, then you must stop. This whole process is training your heart to efficiently operate at a lower level.

Sean Riley
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Mind over Matter Endurance coaching was born from a shared goal of husband and wife triathletes. We provide multisport coaching for the 'everyman athlete', where our motto is Your goal, our journey.

We deliver a goal focused coaching service based on your unique training needs. We ensure support and accountability through positive encouragement and thoughtful two-way communication. This is provided through our holistic life experience approach, not simply a performance at all costs mentality.