5k run improvement plan

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5k run improvement plan


Alison Smith

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run

Longest Workout

9.01 miles

Plan Specs

running 5km intermediate time goal hr based pace based

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This plan is suitable for a runner who can comfortably run 5k already and is looking to improve their time and fitness. Ideally a heartrate monitor (chest-strap) and GPS watch which will tell you distances/paces is required to make the most of this plan.
If you would like feedback from me, please do ask, otherwise you will receive no communication from me as a coach


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

Alison Smith

Sunshine Multisport coaching

If you are a beginner wanting to be guided through your first few triathlons I would love to share your journey. I can create your own bespoke online training plans, give you specific strength training workouts to complete, and generally hold your hand through the entire process!
Whilst our relationship will be virtual, we will facetime regularly so that I can check your progress, and provide as much support as possible. Its never too later to start, so what are you waiting for?

Sample Day 1

parkrun 5k

Complete a parkrun to give a starting point for your pacing

Sample Day 3

Week 1 Run #1

Intervals high intensity session

Sample Day 6

Week 1 workout #2

Tempo session

Sample Day 9

Week 1 workout #3

Steady pace long run

Sample Day 10

Week2 workout #1

Speed intervals

Sample Day 13

Week 2 workout #2

After a good 2k warm up with dynamic stretches, settle into 4.5k at an uncomfortable pace RPE 7-8, before the last 1.5k cooldown and static stretches

Sample Day 16

Week 2 workout #3

Steady pace long run

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