Beginner 10K Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:53

This is a Physical Therapy based 14 week beginner training plan for Palmetto Bluff 10K, 2017. It includes a safe progression, cross training and core strengthening that will get you to the race healthy, happy and ready to run!

I am a physical therapist with Drayer Physical Therapy, a USAT Triathlon Coach and owner of Tri Strong Coaching. I understand the demands of work, family, nutrition, training and injury prevention. Thank you for choosing this plan! If you have any questions please type them in the post work out sections...I will get a notice and answer.

Sample Day 1
Let's get this party started!

1/4 mile warm up walk
1/2 mile of walk 2 min/ run 1 min
1/4 mile cool down walk

Sample Day 3
1.5 miles today!

warm up 1/2 mile walk
1/2 mile of walk 2 min/ run 1 min
cool down 1/2 mile walk

Sample Day 4
Swimming is one of the best ways to cross train as a runner..

As a physical therapist I have discovered that swimming is one of the best ways to cross train as a runner. It counters all of the forward postures, stretches out the muscles and strenghens your back and core.
Want to become a swimmer? Give me a shout and I will assess your stroke and give guidance.
Previous swimmer or just wanting to figure it out on your own? Try these drills. Have fun, laugh at yourself and know that I'm only an email a way!

all drills are from the book Total Immersion (I highly recommend you buy this book if you are interested in swimming regularly)
try and incorporate each drill into the next. There is a progression!
50 yd warm up (50= 2 lengths of the pool)
50 look down- bury your head-let water flow
over your head
50 swim wide (think of a Y)
50 fingertip drag
50 pull with right hand when left is by ear
50 pierce the water-make a hole in the water
and slip hand through it then glide/reach
50 breathe every 3rd stroke
50 breathing- only 1 eye out of the water
50 long - reach - feel your lats
50 count your strokes per 25- aim for < 20
50 gentle kick - don't disturb the water
50 swim quietly - don't make a sound
50 easy - think of drills above
50 fast (notice your time) look at clock
50 easy cool down

Sample Day 6
Long Run

start practicing your pre race breakfast
give yourself time to digest before heading out

Sample Day 8
Recovery run

let;s just get the distance in!

Sample Day 10
tempo work

designed to help you discover a comfortable pace

Sample Day 12
optional bike cross training

spin it out - either stationary bike or around the hood - wear a helmet!

Laura Fromdahl
Tri Strong Coaching

I am a USAT Triathlon Coach & a physical therapist that specializes in triathletes. My coaching and plans are physical therapy biased and designed to get you to your race happy, healthy and prepared to compete. I started out specializing in beginner female triathletes...but now I have men and women racing all over the nation....from mini sprint distances to full ironman distances! Contact me for a free trial plan & references: or (843)597-0110.

Laura Fromdahl