16 Week Preseason to Mid season

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:02
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:02
Training Load By Week

This is the perfect program for the Intermediate to advanced beginner to get some great fitness as you start late winter and early spring! Ideally the time to pick up this plan is February/March and April. You will have completed your strength training already and ready to focus on the bike. 5-12 hours is what you can expect to train each week.

Sample Day 1
Recovery Ride

Active Recovery Ride, 50-40 beats below LT. Easy gears with limited stress on the legs.

Sample Day 5

Review all skills learned:
Water bottle pickup (and put down)
Slalom through bottles.
Circle push out.

Sample Day 6
Moderate effort, seated

Ride on rolling course. Big chain ring. Most of ride time in heart rate zone2-3. Seated on most hills.

Sample Day 7
Fun Ride

Do want you want today. Keep HR low to moderate. Do not overextend and go over zone 3.

Sample Day 8
Force Reps

BT: On flat road or on a trainer. Use the big chain ring and a gear that allows only about 50-60 rpm. While in the saddle drive the pedals down as hard as possible for 15-20 revolutions of the cranks. Do 6-10 of these starting a new one every 3-5 minutes after warming up. Heart rate is not observed.

Sample Day 10

BT: Warm-up well. Then ride 30 to 40 minutes non-stop in the heart rate 3 zone on a mostly flat course. Slightly bigger gear than usual. 80-90 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Aero position.

Sample Day 11
Handling skills

Work on handling skills in a parking lot: slalom, pick-up water bottles, tight turns, hop, track stands, etc.

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