9 Month Men's Muscle Building Program by Ben Greenfield

This program is designed for the average guy who has trouble putting on muscle or losing fat. It is designed with a combination of cardiovascular intervals and full body lifting routines to rapidly add lean muscle mass while simultaneously toning and achieving a "ripped" look.

Sample Day 1
Muscle Mass Workout A

Sample Day 2
Muscle Mass Workout B

Sample Day 3
Muscular Abs 1

Sample Day 4
Muscle Mass Workout A

Sample Day 5
Muscle Mass Workout B

Sample Day 6
Muscular Abs 2

Sample Day 7
Cut Abs 1

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield

I coach groups, teams and individuals from around the world for triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, obstacle racing, adventure racing, bodybuilding, muscle gain, fat loss, anti-aging and cognitive performance.

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