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Ben Greenfield's "Look-Good-Naked Longevity Plan"

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Plan Description

Suppose you want to live as long as possible. Suppose you also want to look good doing it. Suppose you want to maximize your hormone balance, your libido, your fertility, your strength, your power and your cardiovascular capacity.

Suppose you want to step back, investigate every shred of exercise science research, and inject only the most highly effective and proven strategies into your life, even if it's not for the primary sake of preparing for masochistic sufferfests like triathlons, marathons, obstacle races or other feats of physical endurance, but rather simply because you want to ***maximize longevity and look good naked***.

Whether it’s calorie intake, exercise, sunlight, carbohydrates, or work habits, we often think we need much more than we actually do to get the results we want. But why crank out those extra reps or put in those extra few hours if you don't actually need to? Failing to heed the minimum effective dose can often cost you money, time, and mental real estate. Sure: if you want to do an Iron Distance triathlon you certainly need to put in the hours, but as I've written about before, all those extra hours aren't necessarily good for you, and they certainly aren't necessary for being as fit as humanly possible while simultaneously maximizing your lifespan.

In this 8 week program, you'll get daily, step-by-step instructions for the exact muscle training, fat burning, cardiovascular and mobility protocols that have been proven by research to maximize every second you spend exercising. Quit wasting your time, get fast results, and maximize your lifespan. Whether you want to look good naked, get massive gains in fitness (or of course, both!) you can rinse, wash, and repeat this 8 week cycle throughout the entire year. Enjoy.

You can read the article that outlines the theories behind this program by visiting:

In addition to the workouts and exercises listed here, the best supplements to include specifically for anti-aging/fat loss are at

For a diet to accompany this program, it's highly recommended you grab the book "The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People" by Dan Buettner at

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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

I coach groups, teams and individuals from around the world for triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, obstacle racing, adventure racing, bodybuilding, muscle gain, fat loss, anti-aging and cognitive performance.

A full list of my consultation, coaching and training services is at, where you can see my concierge Ultimate coaching , and also 20 and 60 minute consultation and pre-written training and nutrition plans.