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6 Week Endurance Prep Strength - ALL VIDEO WORKOUTS


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7 Weeks

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beginner intermediate advanced masters strength

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Plan Description

A training plan without strength work is like a bike without skewers...eventually, the wheels will fall off.

This strength training program will take you through 2-3 total body strength and core sessions per week to prepare you for a max strength or a lifting phase utilizing greater resistance. At the base level, it is meant to get muscles activated, and taken through a proper range of motion.

Each workout is a video that will guide you from start to finish. These sessions were prerecorded during our weekly LIVE online strength classes. The total body sessions require very little equipment and space, and are an hour total. The core sessions require no equipment and are a maximum of 30 minutes. The core sessions are planned on the weekends where you generally have your heaviest training load.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:15 hrs 0:45 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:15 hrs 0:45 hrs

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Are you short on time and high on goals?

Balancing your life schedule with a training plan that delivers results is what we do. 90% of our athletes are working professionals with crazy life schedules that require focused workouts to maximize minimal training time. We are a one stop, time saving, performance maximizing, endurance sport company.

Feel free to check our bio and visit our website for free training tips and more information about how we can bring clarity to your chaotic schedule.

Sample Day 1

HOPS Core #1 - Are You Weak?

Follow the link, press play, and follow along. If you struggle with any of the exercises, make notes to tackle them more diligently.

Sample Day 8

HOPS Core #2 - How Stable Are You?

Click and follow along.

Sample Day 23

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As a thank you for trusting us with your training, we'd like to give you a free month membership ($59 value) of our HOP Online Strength classes. Simply use this link and sign up for the free month. You will have access to all live and archived strength workouts. All of which are tailored to the needs of endurance athletes.

Once you are signed up:

Live is at 5:45 am CST via this link -

Or, hit one of the recorded sessions at your convenience. Those sessions can be found at

If time is limited, hit a core workout instead. You should have access to all 150+ workouts and counting...

Note: If you don't cancel after 30 days you will be charged the $59 on the same day every month as you monthly membership fee.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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