T3 Coaching Intermediate Swim Plan - 12 weeks

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

This is an Intermediate swim plan. Developed by USAT Certified Coach & 20+ year swim coach, Kevin Crossman. This plan incorporates years of swim coaching into one TREMENDOUS package. Users will receive 3 workouts per week for 12 weeks. Your average 100 yard swim time should be between 1:20-2:00 Users of this plan should be able to complete 1,800-4,000 yards a workout (progressive from week 1 to week 12) and up to 10,000 per week. Please consider having the recommended training equipment:
Hand Paddles, Fins, Front Mount Snorkel, kick board, and pull buoy.

Sample Day 1

w/u: 5 min choice swim

12 x 25 Dr (3 of each: balance, shoulder roll, superman, and catch-up) r:15

300 Free Swim Ez - long strokes (count strokes per length)

100 Kick with board. Relax shoulders and rest forearms on kick board, with chin in water.

300 Free Strong - increase stroke rate.

100 kick with board - loose ankles, with a "drum roll" sound.

300 Free Swim Ez - long strokes again

c/d: 200 yards of choice.

Sample Day 3

w/u: 5' choice swim (add a second stroke)

12x25 dr (same as last workout), r:15

5x100 Free ez, r:20 - long strokes
200 K with fins or zoomers fast
5x100 Free ez, r:20 - long strokes

4x25 Free Fast on :45 (this is your interval i.e. 20 secs to perform the 25 yards, then you get 25 secs rest)

c/d 200 Choice

Sample Day 5
Testing Day

w/u: 500 Free, breathe towards both sides.

10x50 D/S (drill down/swim back), r:15

*this is a test set, so please do the best you can. It will require pacing, but constantly push yourself to stay uncomfortable.

c/d: ~5' of ez swimming

Sample Day 8

w/u: 200 Free, 100 kick superman (use front mount skorkel if you have it), 100 backstroke

300 ez, r:30
200 medium effort, r:30
100 fast effort
Rest 1 min
100 fast, r:30
200 med, r:30
300 ez

4x25 FAST! This is your best effort. on :45

c/d: 200 choice

Sample Day 10

w/u: 3x200 Sw, K, Sw (kick can be with fins)

12 x 25 Dr ( 3 of each: balance, shoulder roll, superman, and catch-up) - Use snorkel, r:10

10 x 100 Pace Free + 15 secs
(*take your average 100 Time from the Testing Day, i.e. 1:30. So, for this set 1:30 + 15 secs rest... each 100 is on 1:45. Because they are pace, hold the same time on each 100).

c/d 200 ez

Sample Day 12

w/u: 5 x 100 Build up, on either 2:00/2:15/2:30

4x25 Kick Fast with board, on 1:00 (most likely you are going to get A LOT of rest, so push yourself extra fast!)

200 Free, breathe only to the left side

4x25 Kick Fast on 1:00

200 Free, breathe only to the right side

4x25 Kick fast on 1:00

200 Free bilateral breathing

c/d: 500 straight, focus on smooth swimming and excellent balance in the water

Sample Day 15

w/u: 300 Free, 100 backstroke, 100 kick with or without board (your choice)

16x25 Dr with Fins (4 of each: balance, shoulder roll, superman, catchup) r:10

2x[3x100 Free Strong, r:30 + 3x100 Ez, r:15]
Rest 1 min between sets

c/d 200 choice

Kevin Crossman
T3Coaching, LLC

USAT Certified Coach for 11 years. I will find the most methodical approach towards making your journey rewarding - not only for the participant, but also family, friends, and those who you associate with. Big believer in balance of life...not merely triathlon.