6-12 Week Mass Gain Program by Ben Greenfield

This 12 week mass gain plan is designed for a skinny, lean or thin male or female to add muscle mass while building coordination, speed and power. It is based off the principles in Dan John's book "Mass Made Simple", which you can download at: http://goo.gl/Wm8iL3.

The plan can be customized to last as few as 6 weeks or as long as 12 weeks, depending on the amount of time you have available for your mass gain. It also includes full meal planning instructions, meals and recipes.

And there's a bonus too! Every month, Ben Greenfield is sitting down and writing a check that includes a full refund of your plan purchase plus a $100 bonus if you post before/after photos to your blog or Facebook and they are ranked as the best before/after photos for the month. So if you take a front photo and a side photo before starting this plan, then log your progress and muscle gain, and continue to add front and side photos each month, you can actually get paid for using this plan! All you need to do is post the link to your progress at http://www.Facebook.com/BGFitness, and be sure to mention that you're using this plan!

Finally, you'll notice that there is more recovery and rest in this program than you may be accustomed to. It is crucial you not "always be moving" if you're serious about gaining mass. For this reason, the rest days should be complete rest days on which you simply stay naturally physically active (walking, staying on your feet, etc.). If desired, in addition to the assigned workouts on recharge days, you can plat a sport (e.g. soccer, tennis, basketball) but try not to deplete/fatigue your body!

If you want to bulk up, then this plan is for you.

Questions? E-mail support@bengreenfieldfitness.com

Sample Day 1
Training Day 1

General warm- up
1. Five minutes of gentle moving. Get the blood flowing.
2. Foam rolling (middle back, IT bands, hamstrings and hip flexors)
3. Static stretches for hip flexors, hamstrings, upper back and hot spots
4. Some easy swings, goblet squats and a few strides

Bench press
Please take a few minutes to warm up with appropriate light weights to prepare yourself
for the heavier movements. Today is a simple break- in workout. Do a set of five repetitions with an easy weight, then add more weight, do another set of five. I want to find a weight you can do a comfortable set of five. With wise weight selections, this should take about five or six sets.

5 sets of 5, ascending weights
With the top “comfortable” weight, perform an additional set of five.

Write down this final weight: _______________.
You will be using this weight quite a bit for a few weeks.

Bat wings (see http://www.t-nation.com/img/photos/2011/11-675-04/bat-wings2.jpg)
Today, just orientate yourself with the movement. I want you to try several different
dumbbells or kettlebells to find the right weight.

Hint: It might be lighter than you think.

Hold the weight in at the armpits for a 10-second count for two sets.

Write down this weight: _______________.
This will be your base weight.

One- arm presses
If you have a rack of dumbbells or a series of kettlebells, I want you to walk up the weights, start with your weaker arm and do two to five repetitions per weight. Don’t try to kill yourself. Match this with your stronger arm. Repeat on both the weaker and stronger arms.

Write down the heaviest weight you used today: _______________.
This will be the weight that will begin Day Two.

Bird dog (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL0YEtJulBs)
Practice the movement a few times. Do both sides and master the movement. Move your knees closer together over time.

A complex is a series of lifts back to back where you finish the reps of one lift before moving on to the next. The barbell only leaves your hands or touches the floor after all of the lifts are completed.
1. Row for three repetitions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZLCvXbej_Q)
2. Clean for three repetitions (http://pacificfit.net/power-clean/)
3. Front squat for three repetitions (http://pacificfit.net/front-squat/)
4. Military press for three repetitions (http://pacificfit.net/overhead-press/)
5. Back squat for three repetitions (http://content.artofmanliness.com/uploads//2012/10/backsquat.jpg)
6. Good morning for three repetitions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkNcc0BQrpA)

(see all these exercises at http://www.YouTube.com/BenGreenfieldFitness

With an empty barbell, perform the entire complex one time through to familiarize
yourself with the movements. If you can, add a little weight (65–95 pounds is actually
about right for most men. Do two more additional complexes, all the movements done
back to back to back for three repetitions. If you can keep adding weight, do so.

High- repetition back squats
One set of 30 with 95 pounds
If you are under 135 pounds, just use the empty bar and thank me later.

Take some time transitioning back to the real world. This is also a nice time to do anything
you think you might need to do. I use this time for my corrective exercises forany injuries or issues that have appeared over the past season.

Sample Day 1
Cold Thermogenesis

Choose 2-3 days of this week and complete the following 5 minute protocol in the shower a fasted state: 10 seconds warm, 20 seconds cold for 10x through. In addition, choose one day per week and do either A) 10 minutes icy cold shower or (better) B) 15-20 minutes full body cold water immersion. You can do this up to every day for enhanced results, and continue through entire program.

Sample Day 1
Recommended Mass Gain Supplements

It is highly recommended that to maximize your muscle gain you use:

1) The Muscle Gain Pack here: https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/muscle-gain-pack/

2) The Muscle Gain Add-Ons here: http://pacificfit.net/items/muscle-gain-add-ons/

Sample Day 1
Build Week Meal Plan with Variety

This mass gain meal plan "variety" week is setup with lower carbohydrate intake on 5 days of the week, and higher carbohydrate intake on the traditionally higher activity weekend.

You're going to see lots of "choices" on this week, but you don't necessarily have to eat all the choices, as too much diet variety is not necessarily a good thing. Identifying the meals you like and can set up as regular, reliable food sources is going to work best when it comes to adhering to a plan. So if you like the way that Monday goes, you can repeat that meal plan the rest of the week, and just vary up dinners only. Or if you like the breakfast from Monday, but prefer the lunch and dinner from Tuesday, you can use that pattern during the week.

I personally eat the SAME thing for breakfast, snack and lunch nearly every day, vary up dinner, and have ONE day, usually a weekend, where I will try more new foods or recipes.

See attached meal plan document if you would like a printable list, and also links to more recipes for you to try.

You'll notice that the following week is an example of a build week with less variety...

Sample Day 2

Sample Day 3

Sample Day 3
Foundation Core Training

You're going to need the excellent book "Foundation" to do this properly. You can get it in Kindle or Hard Copy off Amazon at http://goo.gl/aW2kHg. Go through each of the 10 Foundation exercises just 1 time (it will take you about 10-15 minutes) - with a focus on perfect form.

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield

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