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Strong Stan's 7-Week Base With Overload


Gordo Byrn

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7 Weeks

Plan Specs

intermediate advanced

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Plan Description

This plan ties to the article available at the Endurance Corner website:


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:00 hrs 1:40 hrs
7:15 hrs 6:00 hrs
4:04 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:30 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:00 hrs 1:40 hrs
7:15 hrs 6:00 hrs
4:04 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:30 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Sample Day 1

Monsy 100s (40x100) w/ IM

Something new. Have all the "slow" send-offs, at the beginning of each line be done IM. So you end up doing 10x100 IM as part of the 40x100 Monsy Pattern. +++ 1/1/1/1 2/2/2/2 3/3/3/3 4/4/4/4 If using 1:45/1:40/1:35/1:30 then all the 1:45s would be done IM

Sample Day 1

Indoor Progressive 2x18

Warm up with ten minutes build to Steady, then 10x 15s Fast / 45s Easy; then 2x18 minutes as 6 min Steady/Mod-hard/Threshold with 2 min Easy between the sets. Cool Down.

Sample Day 2

Long Run - Hills Then Flat - 2hrs

A relaxed 75 minutes in rolling terrain with HR never exceeding Mod-Hard on the climbs. Downhills are relaxed and smooth - focus on cadence, let HR fall. End the run with 45 minutes on the flat and benchmark 2x20 at the bottom end of your Steady heart rate zone.

Sample Day 3

Double 54321

600 continuous end each 300 with 50 Back
4x100 on 10s rest alt IM with Free
500 band/buoy Steady on 10s RI, 5x100 Steady on 10s rest
400 bb & pads Steady on 15s RI, 4x100 Mod-Hard on 10s rest
300 pads Steady on 10s RI, 3x100 Mod-Hard on 10s rest
200 swim Steady on 10s RI, 2x100 Fast on 15s rest
100 swim Easy on 10s RI, 100 Fast on 15s rest
Optional Bonus Set
6x100 paddles only, long strokes on 10s rest
16x50 as Fast/Steady/Fast/Back with paddles only, odds are 20s rest, evens are 10s rest
6x100 no gear, long strokes on 10s rest
Choice C/D
IM = Medley swimming (fly/back/breast/free) use head-up freestyle if you can't do fly
If you don't use gear then OK to swim the entire set without equipment
Only use a pullbuoy with a rubber band tight around your ankles

Sample Day 3

Strength Training, Base (30 mins)

Please refer to Strength Training for Runners in the Strength section of the Endurance Corner Libarary ( and periodize your season according to the guidelines. If you are new to strength training then progress slowly.

Sample Day 4

Change-Up LTs 3x12s - Power Based

If you have time then I recommend that you add 15 minutes of cycling to the start that builds from 50-70% of FTP (Easy to Steady); then Warm-up with 10 minutes Steady (70% of FTP); then 5 minutes as 15 seconds 125% of FTP / 45 seconds 60% of FTP; then 3x12 min on 3 min Steady (70% FTP); For each 12 minute interval, hold 92 rpm except for the middle 4 minutes where you drop to 60 rpm; #1 -- aim to hold slightly under LT watts (Mod-hard effort, 85% FTP); #2 -- hold the lower of: (a) LT watts; and (b) LTHR (LT Heart Rate top of Mod-Hard); #3 -- hold LTHR and note avg wattage; Immediately after you finish interval #3, hold 75% of FTP for 15 minutes at a cadence of 92 rpm and track HR recovery. There is no right answer to the speed of your recovery but you will find information on main set stress and depth of fitness in there. Note this workout adds up to 36 mins of Mod-hard effort -- it is an intensive endurance session but shouldn't be all that grueling! If you know your FTHR on the bike and are unsure of your LTHR then use breath markers and cap yourself at FTHR less 12 bpm. This may end up a little below your LT but that is perfectly OK for this session and far superior to riding slightly over LT

Sample Day 4

Aerobic Run, Steady/Mod-Hard (45 mins)

Main Set is 3x10 mins where you start relaxed Steady and end Mod-Hard, by 10 min segment. End with strides

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