Beginner (C) Cat 4/5 12 Week Cyclocross Program by Heartrate

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Beginner (C) Cat 4/5 12 Week Cyclocross Program by Heartrate


Ryan Gamm


14 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Bike, 2 Run, 1 Race

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

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This program is designed for the Beginner Cyclocross racer looking for thier best Cyclocross season. This program provides a 12 week build through the 'Cross season with plenty of flexibility for racing on the weekends. This program is based on Heartrate and maximizes the athletes time with an average of 7-10 hrs per week.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:18

Sample Day 1

Cyclo-cross starts

On various surfaces. Practice race starts. Get clipped in and go for 6 x 30-60 sec all out. 5 min recoveries between efforts.

Sample Day 1

Short Jog 2 min

Walk 5 min, Jog 2 min easy HR should be Z-2 or less, Walk 5 min.

Sample Day 2

Cyclocross Skills

On cross bike practice skills: mount/dismount, barriers, run-ups, trails...etc. Keep HR zone 3 or lower. Skills not effort today.

Sample Day 3

Sweet Spot

BT: Warmup well then do 3 x 10 min at the top end of your Z-3 and bottom end of your Z-4 HR (5-minute recoveries). Add in 5 x 1 min fast pedaling efforts in a very light gear at 120 rpm (1 min rest) Smooth pedaling. 80-90 rpm.

Sample Day 3

Short Jog 4 min

Walk 5 min, Jog 4 min easy HR should be Z-2 or less, Walk 5 min.

Sample Day 4

Recovery spin

Very easy recovery spin on a flat course. Best on road bike/road wheels. Small chain ring only.

Sample Day 5

Hill ride-long climbs

BT: Hilly course with long climbs. Stay in the heart rate 2-4 zones on hills. No anaerobic. Do not force the effort on hills. Hold back some on climbs. Mostly seated on climbs.

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