12 Week Army PT Training Plan

This 12 week Army PT Training Plan goes way beyond just running, rucking, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. You’ll not only get every workout and every exercise for every day spelled out for you with zero guesswork, but you’ll also learn how to integrate all Ben Greenfield’s biohacks, from cold thermogenesis, to hyperthermia, to advanced mobility training and beyond. Once you’re done, you’ll be at a fitness level that will enable you to perform 80+ pushups in 2 minutes, 80+ sit­ups in 2 minutes, run a sub 12­ minute 2­ mile distance, run a 30 minute 5 mile distance, do 20 dead hang pull­ups consecutively, and be able to get close to 2 hrs on a 12­ mile ruck march with 70lbs in your pack. In other words, you’ll not only pass the Army PT test: you’ll blow it out of the water. Enjoy!

Sample Day 1

Push ups+
Situps (alternate)
So 40 push-ups, then 40 Situps etc.
4 - 400 sprints

Sample Day 1
Cold Thermogenesis

Choose 5-7 days of this week and complete the following 5 minute protocol in the shower a fasted state: 10 seconds warm, 20 seconds cold for 10x through. In addition, choose one day per week and do either A) 10 minutes icy cold shower or (better) B) 15-20 minutes full body cold water immersion.

Sample Day 1
Foundation Core Training

You're going to need the excellent book "TrueToForm" to do this properly. You can get it in Kindle or Hard Copy off Amazon at http://amzn.to/2a0Y5rE. Read the whole book, and then do the M/W/F routine on MWF and the T/R/S routine on TRS EVERY week of this plan.

Sample Day 2

Pull-up ladder 1-6 for 3 rounds.
So 1 pull-up, rest 15-20 seconds then 2 pull-ups working your way up to 6. Then start over on next set at 1. Alternate
Cardio (Bike, Swim, or Elliptical) for 30 minutes

Sample Day 3

Push-ups + situps (alternate) 40,30,20
30/30s: Sprint for 30 seconds walk for 30 seconds. 10
rounds. Walk for 5 minutes and complete
another 10 rounds. Run 30- Walk 30 equals 1

Sample Day 4

Pull-up ladder 1-6 for 3 rounds. Alternate Cardio (Bike, Swim, or Elliptical) for 30 minutes

Sample Day 5

Road March 4 miles in less than 60
minutes With 45 lb Ruck.

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield

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